How To Choose A Free Online Business For Beginners Only

Choosing a free online business is not as easy as when you register your email and then replied with verification is said to be approved, even though it is a free business.
In fact it takes a hard work, seriousness and tenacity that become the main capital, in addition we must be skilled in choosing whether we make as a partner is more than enough or not then choose a free online business type should start from a measure of busyness and Risk. What happens if you try to live though free but at risk. Well, free business also has a level of risk and you need to know it, the rest is smart to choose whether this business can satisfy you later.
Best way to choose free online business

Not all also online business firms that offer cooperation services can be our expectations because the factors of skil that we have not in accordance with this online business, although we know there are so many scattered online business that is without capital but get a real partner Really life changing may be difficult that I will describe below in accordance with your criteria so that you choose to stop than continue some of them:
  • Difficult to learn because you are busy in the real world
  • Not suitable because you are a student
  • You can not afford to be smart to speak english
  • You can not do it because you can not manage a website.
Some of the above things may be in accordance with what you experience therefore I will share a few tips in choosing a type of online business which in addition to easy also suitable for all circles and most important menhasilkan.

Tips on choosing a free online business without capital

Here I will share below the tips about what needs to be done and owned as a capital before deciding to choose a free online business.

1. Have a blog

The only way to start an online business that can generate a website that will be your replacement when you are busy doing other things. This way you do not have to busy to take care of everything. Just be cool because make a website is free you can start it by choosing free platform like blogger to make blog, then please visit my article that will guide you.

Some of the above articles can be a way to get to know the process of making articles from beginning to success.

2.Select a business according to what you can

Choose the type of online business that you will publish through your blog in accordance with the characters you can. For example, if you panda seduce a customer then focus publish articles that can provoke customers to join with you. But if your skil is only good at writing then not good at seducing then create a blog with a myriad of articles.

Blogs with a myriad of articles will bring a lot of visitors, while getting a lot of visitors is the target of bloggers because with the number of visitors on a blog will potentially very large to get dollars through the internet. One example if you already have a lot of visitors that offer themselves as a partner of google adsense.

Being a Google work partner does not require registration fees, you just need to adjust your blog to be accepted because until now if many google adsense registrants but not all approved, There is a basic factor rejected Google Adsense that you should also know first.

3. Online business without risk

Points that are at risk in the sense that you are not required to spend time seriously going through it unless you want to focus immediately, then do not risk bringing the cilaka like you experience fraud when you ask for payment. There are many types of online businesses like this, always smart in choosing.

Then online business without other risks such as does not require you to move from your place, usually there is an online business that opens event2 meetings somewhere, in my opinion this is not necessary because it impacts with travel risk, unless you already understand and online business is your For so long and have paid you.

4. Make sure everything is free

What we discuss this time is "free" make sure that what you do in accordance with the initial motto is free. Do not choose an online business that was initially free but then later ask for some money for what it costs and that. If you decide to choose a free online business then make sure that everything is free.

5. Online shop?

Maybe if you have a clothing store it is also better if marketed online. You can market it through the blog that you created earlier, so you have the opportunity to have double income from two different currents. One offline and one online.

6. Have access rights

As a partner of a company that opens an online business for free will certainly provide partners a special account to view the contents in the account such as viewing income or maybe there is a special offer to be able to expand your income so search for web providers like this.

Usually in an account there are tips that will guide you to get faster earning, each web like this memiki different tips so highly recommended looking for free online business but premium quality.


At a glance easy but it was difficult, that's like grief wrestle the online business world. Sometimes seeing the eyes open can all change. If you are a bloggers would believe that a little bit of text that we create every day is something that can change lives but for those of you who just want to try, please ask and find answers. Certainly with a definite answer.

Similarly Tips on choosing a free online business apologize if only there is an incomplete or offensive explanation.

Tips on Making Quality Titles SEO, Seo Onpage

Good and true articles are not just original articles (not copy paste from other articles) but also articles that have SEO-friendly

SEO (search engine optimization) is an optimization activity undertaken by the webmaster in order to make the article rank in the top search.

By being in the top search rank automoatic will increase the volume of visitor traffic. By doing effective onpage and offpage SEO optimization, then our article will be easy to find search engine.

One of the optimizations we can do is to create a quality article title and have an SEO-friendly standard.
Best way to optimize title to get best rank on google

Tips on making the title of the article with quality SEO

This time I will try to share tips to make the title of the article with quality SEO so easy to find search engine

1. Search for keywords that are more popular, much sought after

Before writing the article you'll want to find a popular keyword first.

With keywords that are popular or a lot of interest can potentially bring a lot of visitors because the keyword is much sought after in google.

There are many ways to find popular keywords, one of which you can use google trends or google adword keyword planner. With the above applications you can get information about keywords that are trending or popular.

2. Good key words in the first syllable of the title

To make the title to be SEO-friendly you should put the popular keywords you've got in the first syllable in the title.

Suppose you are targeting keywords to make a scientific article then the best option to write a title with the keyword is "make a scientific article on bio"

I strongly recommend to avoid writing the title with a sentence, for example:

  • An easy way to create scientific articles on blogs
  • Error in creating scientific articles on blogs

While there is really nothing wrong with writing the title just by placing the targeted keyword in the first syllable will make the title more SEO-friendly, unless you shoot the keyword "how"

3. Implement longtail keywords in the title of the article

Longtail keyword is a keyword derived from the main keyword. Can consist of 3 syllables or more developed from the main keyword.

The main keyword here is the keyword that you aim at. Examples of the use of longtail keywords we usually encounter namely:
  • Sell converse shoes
  • Sell original converse shoes
  • Sell cheap original converse shoes
  • Sell converse original shirt cheap cheapest complete
Can we see that the original word, cheap, complete is a longtail keyword from the main keyword selling converse shoes.

The use of longtail keywords aims to reduce the level of high competition because the main keywords are usually already controlled large sites with high page rank.

With a good and effective longtail keyword is expected to compete with authority sites so that your blog still have the opportunity to get a lot of visitors.

4. Add an interesting promotional word to the title

The fourth tip and no less important is to add an interesting word of the campaign and can provoke readers curiosity in the title of the article that you create.

Promotional word created has a certain selling value, it can increase the SEO value of your blog.

Promotional words usually show a specific number, latest, cheapest, largest, and so on. Examples of keywords in the title that can make the article interesting:

The latest and most complete branded clothes 2016
10 most wanted keyword niche technology
The most effective onpage SEO tips facing the latest google algorithm

The more interesting the keywords we put on the title will get more attention of people and visitors will increase that Some ways to get lots of visitors

So that I can share for this time the tips that make the title of quality SEO articles, may be useful.

A Complete Defenition of Backlink and Links Functions and How To Create Backlinks

Because today do not know want to post what and remember that Creating article content every day is strongly recommended by some experts seo robots always crawl our blog then I decided to share important information about other blogging insights that Let know What is backlinks and how to create backlinks Which is true in the blog or to another website. I will try to describe one by one as usual so that more easily understood, hopefully this article can help you recognize the important definition of what it is backlinks and their functions and how to make it because until now I still see there are many bloggers wrong in responding and how to plant there Some of them just fill but do not know whether the container is clean or not.
How to create high quality backlinks

Understanding backlinks and recognize the function and how to make it

There are some important points about getting to know the backlinks that I will discuss in this article. As much as possible I present with a brief and precise understanding so that this reading is easy to understand.
My hope in sharing this information so that there is no more wrong action in the hunt for a back link because you need to know that backlinks are needed and must be owned for the development of a website.

What is a backlink?

Backlink is a Link or a link located on one other site that leads to the website that we are in. Other understandings are also known as inbound links. Backlink is one of the most important weapons in the process of developing search engine optimization (SEO)

What does it do and try to explain

The function of backlinks to help a site to be in good position in search engines. The average of a site that is always in the best position on the search engine because it has a high quality backlink level so it helps a site get a good position in the eyes of search engines like google, bing and yandex.

Can you give an example of how to make the right?
It's easy to create it using a little html script if you comment on a website and fill in the url of the website you got in the comment form by using the following command:
"<a href=""> Your Site Tittle</a>"

How many models and how many different types of backlinks?

There are two models are dofollow and nofollow and there are two types namely one way and two way. Let us learn what each means:
  • One way backlinks are one-way backlinks that mean, only your links are planted on blogs or other websites without any backlinks from your blog. A simple example is site A plant link to site B, but site B link is not there site A
  • Two way backlinks The opposite of One Way Backlink that is both sides between site A and site B are both enjoying the effects of optimization Where link A is on site B and also link B is on site A.
  • Dofollow backlinks in English ie "follow" means a link from another website that we plant our website link will follow our site link.
  • Backlink Nofollow while nofollow opposite of dofollow ie not follow our website link, But backlink process still occur if a link exist at site of nofollow website.

How to add backlinks quickly and where must install it?

There is no suggestion from me for tutorials to add backlinks quickly because webmaster experts say that someone who adds or uses illegal ways to plant backlinks in large quantities and quickly will be filtered into search engine sanbox because it is considered to perform spam action. All website owners know exactly what impact they get if they get penalty from google.

Then how to install a backlink you can apply to the blog comments neighbors or other websites but not all blog owners provide donors for one way links so smart smart just commented that the link we planted approved blog owner or website.

You can also apply through forum signatures like forum and news site and other forum types, there are some rules to put our link on a web forum so always follow the rules so that our link is approve.

Through the social bookmarking site is also the best, With submit facility blog / url on social bookmarking websites including powerful enough to build one way link building our blog. There are so many Social Bookmark sites that we can use in building link building so please search.

Well, so a little explanation about the complete Understanding of backlinks and what functions backlinks and how to make it hopefully this article can be useful for you. Thank you for reading and do not forget to share this interesting article.

Follow These Ways To Get A Website On The First Page, Google Secrets

Not an easy thing to do website owners to their website can appear at the first page of google. There are important things that first they do. And this is important.

What is that ? Seo website. Well, seo.

That is their secret until the website can get the first page rank google.

But until now there are many who do not understand seo and google secret so they choose to use seo services.

But some are already using seo services but did not get results, Precisely the website in the optimization of banned google banned.

Please and Discover 8 Tips On Choosing Seo Services For Your Website Needs

In order for our web appear on google, Top, then you must first pursue 1 important thing.

Namely, the Authority. Google is like a jury that determines whether you're a winner (NO.1) or a cheat player.

When you cheat .... Your red card is part. Penalty !

Google's authority is not easy to obtain. Google trust is the greatest capital for all website owners. Therefore, google enforce the rules.

This rule then works through the algorithm.

And you must obey how, like what the will of this algorithm is. That's the secret.

Google's most dominant algorithm in viewing a website there are 2 of the most grim.
  • Humming bird
  • Google panda
Hummingbird gives priority to relevance, Google panda condemns websites that try to do a cheat way of pursuing rankings.

Suppose you pursue the rankings by putting brutal backlinks for pursuing highly competitive keywords without measuring the score of the linking website first.
Best google secrets ever

So if you want your website to appear first page google then follow the rules in force.

That's all you have to do to make the website easy to find on google and be given the top sweet seat.

That's The Key of Getting the Best Rank in Google 2017 a way for the website to appear first page of google.

Website Keyword Is The Way To The First Page

But, you choose the wrong keywords. When the keyword is the secret. The right keywords that then make your website visible and found, but do not make mistakes in determining keywords.

For example like this ... A website using the keyword "Sydney garden" Then you also want to use that keyword.

If you want to be number 1 with that keyword, then make sure it is right for your website than the opposing website (Competitors) How do I do?

Explain in detail to search engines, follow applicable rules and make clear your web content more than your competitors. Read our Guide to Improve Content Visibility

Do not make mistakes such as putting backlinks with anchor text with targeted keywords, repeatedly.

But, if I am in your position who is pursuing the same keywords then I will make a few changes and use keywords such as "Sydney best garden"

Why? Because it is complete and more specific.

You may mumble "Its imposible, That people search for is sydney garden services" As it is not?

Well, here there are 2 options for you.

1- Visitor Worth of Sale and Purchase
2- The Outrageous Visitors

The second choice of visitors can be stray because they want to read the form of articles you make, or hunted to do clicks.

While option number 1 is targeted visitors. Visitors come because it is looking for a cheap and best.

Seek information for their solution and you have it. As a result search engines understand that your website pages do have relevance.

Many visitors come.

Targeted visitors come, your turnover increases.

Other than that,..

And it's more important that your pages have frequent visits, that means your content / website is trustworthy and as a result you are holding the key preference keywords.

Backlink Is Your Website Reference, Not A Secret Anything

Yet many bloggers and website owners misunderstand this. Think they have unique things about backlinks (Backlinks)

The more confusing because there are terms dofollow and nofollow.

As if this backlink is something that smells of attraction or points required points. Such as more and more backlinks more attraction.

And that's wrong. A backlink is where a source reference your website.

Putting up a link that leads to your website (Referrals) That's the real meaning.

Therefore, some web owners put links through comments brutally.

Giving comments that have nothing to do with the content of articles that are visited.

Finally "Spam"

So how google would put your website on the front page if it happened like this?

Mending in law only. 

So the best way is to find a backlink with a good reference value. Although this sounds difficult but believe every effort there must be results.

You can refer yourself by making comments or getting someone to post a link for your web.

Optimize Your Website Page / Content

Understand the intent of optimizing content? Because this is different from optimizing the website.

Content is the content of the website while the website is where the content is.

So, to be able to optimize your website then prioritize its contents.

Here's what you need to do ....

1) Determine Which Pages Most Major

Usually, the main page is on the About Us Page, this page that tells the search engine about all information on the website.

Therefore, onpage optmation is very important for this page.

If not, you can still pursue other pages. Or if necessary the front page.

2) Keywords, It's Very Important

Do not use keywords that people also use, But target those keywords to be yours.

Understood? In this case I strongly recommend you use longtail keywords.

Excess longtail keywords because you can make your website has a variety of keywords.

But remember to do keyword research first. Find competitive position on low competition status.

Do not compete on high competition.

Take it easy. There are competing tricks, using low keywords but can compete with high competition keywords. When will I make the article. For this time, learn first how to create One Title Articles Many Keywords, Keyword Abstract, Target Pageone

3) Content Fixtures

Images, videos, internal links, external links search description, permalink is a part of the content that must be equipped to be more optimal.

If your content is complete and structured, that means your content is indeed mandatory.

Different again if you do not use anything.

Will be discarded because the content is not just text.

But also some other complementary.

Have you ever found a website whose content has a video? That's because he wants the content to be considered complete.

So, to optimize the content of the website then complete in a structured manner. Only that.

The conclusion of this "Google Secret"

It's no secret. Remember, all you can do for free and maximum if early on you do it in accordance with the applicable algorithm.

That's the right way.

Do not just do the optimization.

8 Main Capital For Success In Blogging World

Whoever you are with good intentions and continuous in the gamut can become a successful blogger later on. We know nowadays it is so stout service provider site to create a free blog that is ready to be used to promote various kinds of knowledge, In fact along with the development of time to time the world of blogging also experienced a very rapid development. Blogs that used to be used only as a place to write inspiration streaks alone has now become the most widely used online business containers in earning income through the internet, This has been proven by some bloggers who have been successful by getting tens of millions to hundreds of millions each month.

Being a successful blogger is certainly not an easy thing, to achieve success in the world of blogging, hard work system required, smart and must be skilled to become the main capital to follow this online job. But as an encouragement we must realize that to reach success in the world of blogging the instant way is not there and we realize that it will take a long time relative to pursue everything.

Success in the world of blogging bears when a blog that has a lot of visitor traffic. Visitors who dominate them come from search engines, visitors are said to be organic visitors of course very valuable. But the obstacle for some bloggers is the difficulty to get this traffic. Difficulties that hit and they do not know how best to get organic visitors. Actually this ability anyone can have during the intention and perseverance to learn there, because the main factor to get a successful blogger degree is based on the factor of persistence and intention.

This article will tell stories and share experiences about the main capital to manage a blog that would be a successful blog. Writing that I made a reference for beginner bloggers in managing an ordinary blog-just to be a blog that can have a lot of visitors to the main goal of making money from blog success can be achieved.

The main capital to be successful in the world of blogging

Remember, To succeed in the world of blogging is not easy, need to learn and learn, pursue targets to achieve and diligent in managing a blog. And below 8 tips in the world of blogging how the blog you have can successfully bring in many visitors.

1. Write a good article

The main job in the blogging world is to write an article. That is for sure . Therefore it takes a special ability in writing an article, this ability should be honed and always prioritized in the blogging world. . Writing a useful and informative article is not easy, I myself admit that it takes a few days to create an article that is really informative and interesting for the prospective visitor. So do not ever assume that writing is easy. You might just take the copy paste path but it's not a good thing and just believe that such activities in addition to breaking the law also will not produce good results.

Indeed you will initially have trouble and less idea to create a series of words, but if you continue to be sharpened and continue to be diligent to learn then just believe the ability to write articles will experience a very significant change, will always appear new ideas as you type letters alphabet.

How to get another idea is to read some writings fellow bloggers who have so. Read and see what they pour in the contents of their articles, try to get used to reading then eventually we will know how and what a good way.

2. Use a blog template that is seo friendly

The second way you should know is to use a seo friendly blog template. We can learn to know this kind of template. One of them is to look at the structure template itself, check whether the template is lightweight, check whether the template is responsive then it is clear that the template is seo frindly

Another way to familiarize yourself with a seo friendly template is to look at the heading tag structure. Usually a good template will have a dynamic heading tag, for example h1 tag on the front page of the blog but if a post title in open then h1 blog title tag was changed to h2 is the title of the post itself becomes h1 tag.

It takes a special skill to create a template like this, but if you can not make it you can use a free template. There are many free templates out there that have the characteristics of a seo friendly template.

3. Understanding on onpage seo optimization

Understanding of seo onpage is an action that is done in building seo in articles such as arranging the technique of placement of titles and subtitles and create internal links to other posts, create interesting title techniques and also do seo on templates such as adding meta title tags and descriptions or attempts Others. There is no limit to this onpage seo. Some platforms are also doing the right thing to their respective platforms. If your blog is still new to the introduction to the search engine, the following things to do when our blog is so:
  • Submit your blog to google webmaster tool
  • Register blog to bing master tools
  • Submit sitemap / sitemap blog on google and bing
  • Submit your blog to google analitics
This way is done to see the development of our blog and our blog will be indexed search engine faster

The assumption about making articles with origin write, do not think about seo is actually legitimate only, it's their right, But if there is a way to know this why not to learn. because ! .. The word technique seo will not exist if not through trial process. Some bloggers who have reaped the results of the blogging world because they know what a positive effect on the blog if the basic basics of seo onpgage seo techniques.

Thus every time a post optimization article seo onpage should be done every time you compile an article. Make sure letter by letter, word for word is fitting then after the new publish.

4. Do keyword research or keywords

Before giving a title to the article first done is keyword research or keyword.
Do not understand wrong about this technique because technique keyword research there are many ways one of them researching the keyword through search engine itself. Another way to research keywords you can use keyword research with google trends or google keyword planer.

As I said before doing something in the world of blogging especially if you are still a beginner it is not easy as well as how to merist keywords. This way also takes effort and hard work but remember if learned all will be easy later. Let's discuss about how to research this keyword.

Some testimonials from bloggers who have successfully used this trick successfully in the first 2 or 3 months can already get - + 1000 unique visitors a day.

Think first what the title of the article that you will make then use the search engine facilities like google to find out the title that is suitable for use as a keyword

-The example that we think of is the example title of "How to create blog"

Now Open google search engine, then typing the keyword how to create a blog, then google will display some relevant keywords, for example see picture below:
Keyword research
Will be shown some relevant keywords. Now click one by one. If you click on the front page there is a title that matches or almost similar to the keyword then do not be used. The next step is to look for other relevant sentences using the facilities provided, the site will provide more information about relevant keywords so use the free online tools search for these keywords

Looks vary but actually the meaning of Lsi is "how to create blog" develop this way every time want to make an article.

5. Updates create articles every day

Do not ever idle lazy for the update make the article, the more useful articles and informative you make it a solution to get a lot of visitors. My advice should never miss a single day in the development of blogs, at least 3 to 4 months do not miss a day, after the time is reached I'm sure you will get the results you really expect.

In the early blog visitors will not appear evenly, sometimes in a day does not exist, but do not despair, do not be pessimistic for this cause. We look for good reputation first to the search engine, then afterwards given good results as well. Either way as an animator just see page view only in dashboard blogger, if there is an increase you may use histats services to see the original visitor or use services like histats to see the development of our visitors.

6. Take advantage of facilities web master tools - search console

Another idea to get the most keywords coming to our blog with used web master facility tools search console. Please open the web master, select search console there will be given some information about keywords significant to our blog.

7. Learn how to create quality backlinks via google

Well, on google has so much information on quality backlinks, we've learned this and applied it. References I look for a blog that has prospered ever discussed on how to get quality backlinks for new blogs. So with the increase also our science to get a good backlink for beginner blog.

Another way to get backlinks other than looking for information on google is doing blogwalking. Commented well and embed links on form name and url. Not all commentators will be approve so comment on the good to get backlinks.

8. Pray that what the plan to develop a blog can be successful.

Remember the phrase "the man of God's plan is decisive" Always rely on God and do not rely on humans. Believe in his promise that it will be beautiful in the end.
Word Therapy that says "I wake up before time to reflect on your promises"

So before doing everything start with Prayer!

This 8 The main capital for success in the world of blogging hopefully can be something that can motivate us in all the power and effort to succes on blogging world.

Thanks ~~

How To Get First Rank On Google Without Backlink

How to create an article to get first rank google without backlink ??

The main problem that is major in those who wrestle the world of blogging is how to get the position of the front of the search engine even without a backlink.

Backlink function will indeed help an article can be in the position of the front of the search engine page but did you know that search engines will also be more sensitive to choose links that provide good content, especially in choosing keywords.

This tutorial is a tutorial that I think will be very useful for you especially for beginners who while building a website but want to get first rank google. But remember, Backlinks still play an important role in building a blog or website and never leave hunting backlink optimization, this tutorial is just an example of how an article can be on the first part of a search engine without backlinks.

Easy steps to get first rank google without backlink

As we know that backlinks are an important factor to get first rank on the first page of Google, but it is possible to get ranked in Google search results without backlinks or some backlinks. All you have to do is follow some steps I will share without missing a single What will be in tutorial . Several of you will find it difficult but it is not impossible you will be able to do it if you want to do it by reading what I share.

1 # Use weak keywords

It's up to you Whether you like it or not by choosing weak keywords, we are in the business world and have a number of competitors that are not a little bro !, just imagine if your weapon is just a pistol wind and willing to compete with a bigger weapon that is more deadly , Of course your equipment will be difficult to win and that is the same as you will be difficult to compete with big website website with same niche with web or blog.

You must know how to research the correct keywords and use them and then choose keywords that have a little search volume that can direct the source of traffic to your web or blog, weak keywords that have less number of searches will be ignored by large site sites with so We can take advantage of this.

2 # Create interesting content with appropriate keywords

Understand how to Create a seo blog article and interesting because An interesting content is a powerful factor to get traffic on the blog. You are on the search results list or not still can still get traffic because the content is interesting, informative and valuable, Choose the right and appropriate keywords and create articles of valuable quality.

Most bloggers do not know how to use targeted keywords when writing an article. Place that keyword in a more seo position when you've gotten a keyword, get a keyword with a low search that can drive traffic to your blog with less competition .

Where to place good keywords ??

- Place the targeted keywords in the title.
- Enter keywords in the first paragraph of the article.
- Enter keywords in subtitles
- Write the keywords in the Alt tag of the image

3 # Perform pinging every time you create an article

Every time you finish creating a new article you have to tell the search engine bot that you've just updated your blog with new content so it will help search engine robots crawl your article links. There are so many ping provider sites, try searching on google.

Do not ping the same URL again and again, it will make you considered spam. Ping your URL once after publishing an article by filling in a few simple words.

The main goal is to increase the chances of your site getting indexed by Google, Yahoo, Bing and the like.

When should you do Ping?

- When a new keyword is created for search engine indexing.
- When you have got backlinks from famous sites.
- When There is a recent content update on your website.

4 # Use long keywords

The number of searches from the short keyword comes from the accumulation of longer keyword searches that contain the short keyword .... Note that the keyword "keyword" has the number of search results accumulated from the keyword in the abstract, the keywords in the paraggraf and others .
Use long tail keywords
In the google search engine, if you type in a keyword it will show some additional words added at the beginning or end of what you type, that means someone has typed the sentence before you type it now. Using long keyword Will give you a better chance of getting a high rank even without a backlink. The longer the keyword, the higher your chances for a good ranking.

5 # Be the first to create a story

If your article discusses about tricks, tutorials or others as much as possible you become the first person to publish articles that are told your way first, there are so many competitors who always update so should determine when your article will be published by information on search engine that you first Publish this article, how specific? So, create long articles with long keywords.

That way your article has the potential to be on the front of search engines because search engines already know that you have the right to be in front.


I've been using these techniques and techniques to some of my other blogs and proved some of my articles can be on the front though without backlinks.

10 Tips For Beginner Bloggers Who Want To Do Business Online With Blog

Blogger as one of the platforms that provide a place to create a blog for free on the internet. Becoming the ultimate choice for online business dangers. The article, no capital required to use bloggers as a means to create a blog.
Best way to make business online with blog
What is needed only seriousness in wrestling this world and have the power of creativity that can advance with the development of the era.
Being a blogger should not focus on a single way point. To develop a business online via this blogger, there are some things that must be applied in connection with marketing promotions.

Basic techniques and brief development of the quality of a blog that is used as a means of making money.

Therefore this article will review the 10 things you should apply first before going to the next level.

Easy tips to cultivate an online business in the world of blogging

Determine 1 theme or niche when creating a blog with this you will focus and will better understand what you will market through the explanation in your article.

In addition, the target advister will be easy to get because what is advertised in accordance with the topic of discussion of blogs that you create.
Up to date, There is no half-half word when you are in this field. Only for the diligent bloggers who have a chance to succeed and can earn via blogger.

By using up to date techniques then your blog will look more significant, not frozen as a result will be good for your future

Make sure your articles are useful, informative and easy to read in this way you will be considered professional in doing this job.
Interesting articles will make the quality of blogs more forward-looking and have strong competitiveness.

Seo seal onpage and offpage With a little experience about seo will certainly be a strong capital in marketing a produck.
In this case seo that I mean is not the basic seo that traps but the basic seo techniques are common but have exceptional quality.
Have a social media account Social media accounts also play an important role for the completeness of online business through blogger, its function will help the spread of an article that contains produck that we market. You can try with social media like facebook and twitter

Join the G + community In google plus there are lots of fellow communities that can be brainstorming and sharing experiences, then in google plus community can be said to be more active, easy to access and there is a lot of experience there.

Customize blog templates with niche or blog themes choose responsive templates, with a professional look and have an easily accessible navigation menu, make sure also the template is lightweight and does not have a redirect link. Visitors will be very hate with this redirect process.

Do not Go to a difficult business in the difficult sense to become a partner, hard to match the same business, hard to market the product of business partners. My reference, choose the type of online business advertising course as the beginning of building a blog.

Comment on forums or social sites Do not be shy to comment and ask advice to bloggers who also wrestle the online business world.
Learn from how to manage their blog, learn how and how they review seuatu, thus autodidact the world of blogging was increased

Pray ! No matter how human capacity can not succeed without starting prayer. Humans have established plans but God is the one who determines.

Those are the 10 things I can share today, hopefully it can be a good experience for you and me, best regards bloggers ... !!