Examples of Best and Good Articles On Blog

In order to achieve the dream of having visitors on the blog that much then the application of good and correct articles We need to do. Here I will exemplify how to create a good and correct article, a seo technique Human friendly where the visitors feel comfortable while reading your article while Seo friendly when the search engine gives suggestions to potential visitors to read the article and all this started from the procedure of creating an interesting article .
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How to create best article on blog
I am not a linguist to explain vocabulary for the sake of vocabulary so it becomes a good article. Here I will share a little tutorial to make the right article on the blog which of course with blogging insight.

Best and Good Articles On Blog Should Use Heading Tags

Each article must have a title and Title for customization "Seo" must be based on the placement of heading tags. We must put a mark on the content of the article where the title, child title and title are small and tagged what. Notice what you are reading. The title of this article is an example of a good article and true on my blog tagged h1 (heading number 1 / head or boss) As for the title phrase
Good articles and true on the blog should use heading Tag I put a h2 head title. The equation is the same title difference with one long sentence and another short but relevant both have meaning about making a good article.

Examples of good articles with sub headings

The following example is to use sub heading tags (subheadings) Placement of this subheading tag is located in the middle or when the contents of the article explain something. The sentence you read is also led by subheading - a good article example with sub headings

Examples of articles on blogs using Minor heading.

Minor heading is at the end of the article. Its position is commonly used on the content of conclusions. Minor heading is a child title, small title, last title. Required in the contents of each article creation.
So to create a good and correct article on the blog, you must use all these tag tags so that your article value is strong in Serp.
How many tags are each used? Sometime we will discuss in the next tutorial.

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