How Bloggers Have A Chance Of Success

Some time ago I had a conversation with a friend of mine via chat facebook. Our conversation is quite old even when I want to write an article I stop just to answer the question that friend is throwing.
Best way to become a succes bloggers

Hey, how to become a successful blogger?

Answering the question I tried to ask back "Your goal blogging for what?" I was shocked when he answered to get money om!

Being a successful blogger is like someone looking for an opportunity to spend his hobby in deciding the future. The process of becoming a successful blogger is not easy and until now the success of a blogger is not in terms of producers.

Remember, wrestling the world of blogging has its own challenges. When you are ready to face all konsikuen aware of the results that you will get through blogging then please learn to know whether what you do already include success?

Many think that a blog full of google adsense ads is a blog from a blogger who has been successful but behind all that I affirm that he is not necessarily successful.

There are so many cases that always appear in forums online forums people who sell adsensenya account, why? Because consciously he knows that blogging is not his world, he is not able to run his blogging activity when he already has an adsense account that is so difficult to have a blogger.

Perhaps a suitable answer for bloggers that "success received google adsense" is not a successful blogging world.

There are many criteria that can answer the question of how successful the blogger model is and what it looks like. Then this blog through the article that I hope could be a way out to answer your question.

Character bloggers who have a quick chance of success

Explaining the 4 types of characters below is my research version may you agree or not, may you make a reference or not and whatever the results I will say it all just what I think. Okay ??

1. Bookworm

Understand the definition of a bookworm? People who enjoy reading and reading anywhere. People like this have a myriad of knowledge to string words and have many ideas for creating articles.

People like this will never be satisfied if the reading is a little, will always type and type to be able to assemble many words in each article.

How the preparation of his article would always be fitting because he learned from the reading reading ever in the study.

Those who have a soul like this will quickly succeed because the articles he presents from his blog are all qualified and we know that search engines prefer the weighted articles like having a lot of characters from an article.

How to emulate them, create quality articles as well and learn how they can make a useful article.

2. Single

Is it true that a single person will quickly succeed through blogging? I think the status of single it has no burden of mind. His brain solo way because he thought just his blog alone, the focus power needed to take care of a blog more leverage.

Those who like this love the blog more than if you have a partner. They will pay more attention to the success of his blog than him. Like loving a couple of bloggers this singles will do that as well but poured for the blog.

How to love his blog? He will find a way, learn and try to make it prosperous blog such as increasing visitors, looking for quality backlinks, change the look of the blog more beautiful and so on but they will focus more on points increase visitors.

So if you look out there is a successful blog .. you try to ask, mas .. are you single?

3. Be patient, persevering and tenacious

Even if they are not a bookworm or they already have a partner it will make it more focused on how the brand to succeed.

They will focus on the learning point of blog to blog, they will be active and very active in facing the learning process. Characterize the person like this:
  • Diligent blogwalking and every time commented he asked and the type of comments in accordance with the contents of articles that comment.
  • They if you learn through a blog will stay there only and they read every article read from the beginning until the end is not directly jump to the core.
  • They never deter when they get the things that bloggers hate like google sandbox, blogs less visitors and therefore because they know exactly the answer to their success must be tenacious.
  • Diligently create articles, daily updates with content content that is mutual and not plagiarism.
By itself they will produce results from the learning process self-taught.

4. More forward information is not money

The end of this blogging activity booming with many emerging bloggers young bloggers. Even there are also bloggers who had vacuum active again because of circulation rumor of success blogging with google adsense.

It is not denied the income derived from google adsense is very tempting, the proof if not profit for what many are pursuing it.

But what's the result? Young bloggers become vacuum, and who is already vacuum active back again again to be a vacuum for what?
  • What he expected was not as expected (rejected raw raw google adsense)
  • His income from google adsense just thousands of silver in a month is not worth the money to the cafe to post new articles
If blogging intention from the beginning because want to get money I hope do not apply such thoughts. Should be the main focus first on the development of a blog, how the blog can be good in the eyes of search engines, how blogs are liked by people until finally blogs that can offer monetize instead of us who filed monetize.

My suggestions Increase important information first on your blog. Publish articles that really useful so users can be satisfied.


Find your Character first and then ask how to have a good chance to become a successful blogger. Focus and prioritize the development of blogs, learn from experience through blogs to blogs and last must be diligent and not Single.

This article is not jokes but my hope to be able to build you. The most important of all do not forget to share this article. Okay ?? Thanks~

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