Choose Facebook Lite Apps, Whatsapp or Instagram? Best Apps For Android

There are 3 pieces of social media application that is always a conversation. Applications chatingan, make status and others. So compete then the vendors of these application providers continue to develop each other and as much as possible to provide the best for its users.

Facebook lite, Instagram and whatsapp become social media applications again trend and most popular in 2017. The most popular social media applications from year to year.
Best Apps For Android
There is currently a lot of sosmed applications are trending again, There are many latest social media applications, Various kinds of social media always make the application to be used by many people.

But, Not all can be the application of choice in the last year.
Formerly .. as a mobile phone that has a java operating system and symbian nimbuzz and mig33 became the most favorite app to use chatingan, Soon later appeared again 1 application that stole a lot of user attention, the name of the application was Mxit.

But now no longer ... The three applications are rarely used. This may be because the update of the application has not been as optimal as the quality of instagram, whatsapp or facebook lite.

Since facebook launching chatingannya application (Facebook lite) Which is considered as a sosmed search mate application, And the emergence of whatsapp applications since smart ponsel2 appear to make the users of gadgets to sort out the best sosmed applications to use berchating ria.

There are several reasons why many people are always looking for lightweight chatingan apps and do not eat a lot of quotas and are loved by young children. And they're always interested in using apps like:

  • Adult chat app
  • Chat application with people abroad
  • Android chat app to find friends
  • Chat application on phone

Even rumor ever circulated he said a lot of always typing the keyword application looking for an affair. Aneh2 course well, social media application yah used for social media is not to look for an affair.

Android application to chat with Caucasians can use any application because the makers of this application is targeted for anyone to use. Facebook for example. Even other applications.

Well, considering the chatingan application there are many me on this article would be a little review of the benefits of 3 pieces of social media applications that become a favorite only. What are they ???

1) Instagram

Did you know, one of the coolest social media apps today is Instagram.
Instagram is a free app from iTunes that functions as a place to upload photos and videos.

This Instagram app was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger who worked for the company they developed themselves, Burbn, Inc.

Instagram name is also derived from the understanding of the overall function of this application. The word "insta" or instant.kegunaan other is able to display photos instantly, quickly, like polaroid in its appearance. While the word "gram" comes from the word "telegram", where the way telegram work itself to send information to others quickly.

Instagram usage is not only for sharing photos, but also can be used to edit a photo.

Instagram currently has 16 effects that can be used to edit photos.
Through Instagram, these photos can also be uploaded through social networks, such as facebook, twitter, foursquare, flickr, and also posterous.
Amazingly again someone can sell photos on instagram.

2) Facebook Lite

FB Lite application appears this long, has been officially since Thursday (25/06/2015) and can be downloaded for free on Google Play for smartphone users, gadget operating system Android.

What are the advantages of Facebook Lite app?

Facebook Lite has a minimalist design. That's one of them ... Unlike the original version of Facebook app.

Facebooklite is lighter and faster in terms of opening and accessing pages as well as when you make the process of creating status. Lighter when run on smartphones with small specifications.

The design is still using the blue color is indeed a distinctive color of social media facebook.

In addition to faster status updates, FB Lite also provides fast photo uploading experience as well which means not spending too much quota This is because FB Lite automatically converts uploaded photos to a size smaller than their original size.

3) Whatsapp

WhatsApp is one of the applications that ngetrand on smart phonsel users, this application first appeared on the phone type iphone apple, but as the age of this application can now be used or can be used by android users, blackberry, windowsphone.

This application is the best-selling app in the world that is often downloaded by smartphone users, smart phones.

To be able to use this application whatsapp you do not need to use the pulse because it only needs internet packets, data quota, free wifi can.

On smartphoe android you can download this app for free via play store, and cool because every there is the latest version then automatically this app will update itself to the newer version

Whatsapp Messenger Excellence

Whatsapp is a very popular chat app on smartphone gadget, whatsapp advantages are:

  • Contacts automatically synced with contacts on phone phonebook
  • Pin On whatsapp is the phone number
  • There are group facilities and broadcast messages
  • You can send pictures, videos, photos, locations directly to chat
  • Many features of emoticons feature
  • Block, copy, paste.and search
  • Save Bandwidth

So that's the advantage. What now? Are you able to know which one is good and can Choose Facebook Lite Application, Whatsapp Or Instagram?
Or use all three possible? It's up to you.

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