What Distinguishes Between Hosting and Domain In Internet World ??

Know the difference between hosting and domains in the internet world - Hosts and domains are terms for Places and addresses that are often used in the world of Internet networks. The name is different but the hosting and domain have a very close relationship and the two terms are difficult to separate.
Know the difference between hosting and domains
Experts in the field of Internet communications networks must know well for the term, they know exactly to explain in detail about the definition of domain and hosting in the internet world completely and can explain what the function of the relationship between the two terms

Of course we as a layman let alone who just know the internet world and want to try to dab in it of course to get to know the term required an expert practitioner to give answers what is hosting and what is a domain But easier and easier to find the answer that is through a Complete internet communications networks such as search engines.

I will try a little to explain the difference between web hosting and domain name is because some time ago I get a question from a blogger friend via chat facebook about both terms, He asked how to address blogs do not end up blogspot again but .com because there are references He got out there he said to change the address blogspot be com is required hosting and also domain, as a friend of my blogger is obliged to explain in detail the difference between hosting and this domain so he did not get lost.

You are also looking for answers and can come here Because want to know the understanding of domain and understanding of hosting in the world of internet ?? Therefore I try to make this article so the introduction to this term can be preached to many people who are looking for answers.

Understanding and the difference between web hosting and domain name

I will review one by one so please be listened to

What is a Hosting?

Hosting the basic word of the host is a term for the storage of computer data from various types of file extensions such as images, videos, text, scripts and other easily accessible and easily accessible via internet network connection, hosting is not a store or a home but a computer Has a very large hard drive space ..

The computer that holds all the data files is called the server computer, the server computer must support good and large specifications to accommodate a lot of data, this server computer is also equipped with a special operating system with specifications that can support the performance of the server because the computer is operating continuously .

Main Computer or referred to as a server as an online file storage (hosting) is required to have a good power source, and connect continuously with high-speed internet connection to supply a large number of client service requests.

What is a domain?

Understanding the domain name of the address of a site commonly called url, to more easily understood the domain is a substitute for network ip address on the client computer that leads to the web hosting server was

The provision to have a domain / website address / url is governed by the world domain regulatory body. There can be no similar name to have a url. There are many types of domain names, such as domain types ending in .com, .net, web.id, co.id and others whereas the address ending in blogspot.com is a sub domain or child of Domain. Com

How to get domain and hosting service, do I have to pay?

Not all blog platforms require us to have a host server of its own, for example blogger platform from google. A blog that is given for free by blogger / blogspot already has its own server but to turn it into a short domain like changing the address blogspot to .com. Net and other we are obliged to buy a domain to make the transfer to blogger.

Unless you want to have a personal page site, have its own script then you should hire a web hosting for where you upload your website script. One example web scripts are usually uploaded to web hosting usually based cms, php, html, css, asp and many more.

Then to change the address of blogspot to. Com or other domain type you have to do a custom domain that is buying from the web service provider, after buying a name your site will be guided how to use until you can switch blogspot into own domain name

Tips on buying a domain

Indeed there are many service provider sites to buy domains but they have different server connections, so choose one that has really been tested and trusted by requesting testimonials of other bloggers or before buying a good read first about the offer from the provider's site.

The quality of the domain is also not measured from the price listed, and also usually the web provider selling domain open price promo, so if you are newbie and want to try you can search the web open cheap price or the longer promotion.

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