How To Get Google Easier To Find And Crawl Your Website

This post is what you should do on your website to help Google as the number 1 search engine in the world can find, index and rank your site.

You should note very well this important thing because what I will explain below also become one of the usual forms you do so that you get a warning from google to your website in law.

Is your web blog ever removed from google index? Does your web page not appear in google search results?

That's because you are doing a practice that google does not like, usually, this practice is a spam action so that your web / blog is legal and removed from the google index.
How google crawl a websites

How Can Google Find A Page In A Website?

Do the following in your attempt to help google find your web pages.

1) Link

Make sure that all the pages on your website can be interlinked, this will make your web friendly navigation. Make sure each link can be reached by humans, meaning the link is live and can be clicked and not error.

After that every link you use should be relevant to the target. To facilitate google understand it then include text (Anchor text)

Do not forget to limit the number of links / links within each page, making sure you use a reasonable amount of incoming.

2) Sitemap

A sitemap is a sitemap that drives the crawler to explore all the important pages in your own website.

So do not forget to fill the sitemap on google webmaster.

Not only that, to further maximize the performance of your website then you should provide a web sitemap that contains a collection of links that can be easily read and reached by humans.

Collection of links are also indexed in google and this is very good.

3) HTTP If-Modified-Since

Make sure that your web server supports the If-Modified-Since HTTP header correctly.

What do you mean?

HTTP If-Modified-Since is a function that directs your web server to tell Google whether your content has changed since the last google crawled the site.

For blogspot users do not have to think about this function :) just create a web hosting only.

The advantages of If-Modified-Since HTTP can save bandwidth and overhead.

Do Submit Urls And Sitemaps So Google Can Easily Find Your Website

Here's what you need to do;

1- Do Submit url to make google easier to find your site. Please visit here

2- Add sitemap file so google can get update, addition of content and also search performance Please enter to Google Search Console

Add Insights For Google Likes Your Site Overall

Overall that makes a website for more easily understood google is the content of the website. This is what an assessment is given.

So it's not just the loading speed and the look of the good looking but the most important is the content.

Here's what you need to do.

1. Useful Sites

Your job is to create information-rich sites. Any content in the web you can really use for humans. (For Humans) and make sure that what you describe in your content can be easily understood clearly.

2. Keywords

Now, before creating content first, prepare your keywords. Good keywords can be taken from your own in a way to think first what it would be typed people in order to find your website. Make sure that any keywords you've set up contained in the content you publish.

3. Title, alt, description

These 3 elements in one content must be specific, must be accurate, meaning what you describe is relevant to the title, alt and description. Make sure that what you mean and are being discussed has similarity with those 3 elements.

4. Complete Content

Google always recommends that we complement the content we create and structured. Here means that when a discussion is necessary to be embedded a video then the video content for the content, as well as images then the contents of the image, it is intended that people understand clearly.

In order for Google to fully understand the content in your website, then do the rendering. You can do it on google's webmaster tools.

So the crawler will crawl every css and java script file when you do rendering, crawlers view css and script files just like humans and this greatly affects peforma websites in search engines.

5. Make Sure All Accessible

Make sure each page is visible and make sure that it is accessible. Google with its smart algorithm can access all the hidden files even in every element of your website.

So make sure all can be accessed by humans. Primarily navigate like tabbed menus or other things that humans should reach.

If there is one that is not accessible to humans then google will assume it is not good, you should make it all accessible. And the crawler knows this that you are navigating the user well then from that web page you can trust google.

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