Positive Influence and Negative Use of Social Media

What do you think of when you hear Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatapps, Line, Viber? So, is it social media? Sites like these are internet-based technologies where users can communicate, discuss, and share information without space and time.
The impact of using social media
Based on these definitions, then there are many more media that are included in the site bersosiali. For example, Blogs, WordPress, Wikis, and Lindkedlin. And much more actually. We can get a variety of information from different parts of the world, even over time. We can interconnect in a site as long as we have internet network. We can use PCs, laptops, even cell phones (smartphones / smart phones) to be able to communicate with each other, fellow internet users.

Like a saying; Like a double-edged sword. Which means that something can be beneficial or harmful depending on who is using it. A knife, in the hands of a chef will be useful and produce a delicious meal. But a knife can wreak havoc for many people when in the hands of a murderer.

Similarly, "social media". Becomes very useful for some people. However, it can also bring harm to others. In addition to having a good side for us also turned out to have a negative impact on our lives, Back again, is in the hands of who access this social media.

Positive influence of Social Media

Some of the positive things about social media sites are:

1. User With Easily Getting Information

We can find various information by surfing to various social media. For example looking for Recipes cooking, education, music, sports, and many others. The information is presented in various forms to the marketing of a product. There are articles, pictures, and even videos. Sites that present this form of discussion are many nowadays. All you need to do is just type in the keywords you want, clicks, and various things related to the keywords you write will appear in front of you.

2. Business Promotion Becomes Easier And Affordable

Internet-based promotions are not only done by big companies just now. Small businesses can do promotion, That's one of the social media advantages today. Promotional costs can be obtained much cheaper than promoting through print and electronic media. Promotion can even be done by someone who initially has no skills at all in the field of internet.

Now many sites provide space for promotion. For example Facebook and Instagram. People just put pictures or video into the site, and jreng jreng ... promotion was so. For those of you who seriously do business online, it would be nice you do not do it with your personal Facebook account, because Facebook has provided facilities for doing business; Facebook ads

Many sites also provide you with an online business space by opening your own website, eg Shopee. Online business can not be underestimated right now. Many people have an income that exceeds the work of an office with an online business. Capital issued is not as big as if we open an offline business.

3. Training Place

Online training is also popular today. This training can be done in groups or personal. Training given also vary. Online business, body care, education, handicrafts, even cooking. Some are free, but many are paid. If the free is usually the discussion is not deep, hehehe.

Its name is also selling, where there is a free ...
Webinars or online seminars are also mostly done today. Just like online training, webinars can be aimed at groups and individuals.

4. Place Discussion

One of Indonesia's great local sites for discussion is Kaskus. You can find various discussion topics there. Thousands of people discussed there, with a variety of different topics.

5. Be A Place To Meet With Old Friends

Well, this function is the most widely used by us. There are Facebook, Twitter, Whatapps, Line, Telegram, and so forth. SMS function has been shifted by the applications. Calculate, it's cheaper to chat with these applications than SMS.

Now there is another 'video call'. We can even meet face to face with this application. Well, of course the cost of 'video call' is higher than 'voice call'. Everything uses the internet network.

The chats can be done either personally or in groups. Or the so-called 'group'. Anyone, anywhere, and anytime can chat with each other. Moreover, we can also chat directly, without text, with the application. This is called a 'voice call'.

That Postif influence, go to the negative ....

Negative Influence of Social Media

In addition to these positive things, the existence of social media also brings a negative impact.

1.Personal Information

Personal information can be a common assumption. Why? Usually if we register on a site, we will be asked to fill in a personal profile, such as date of birth, address, phone number, status, email address. Be careful when filling out this personal profile. If you're unsure of the site, it's better to undo your intent to fill out your personal profile.

2. Pornography

Pornography becomes easily accessible to anyone, including minors. In this case, parents need to be careful in giving time to children in social media.

3. Crime

The emergence of various crimes through social media. Fraud and even sexual crimes, can be experienced by anyone who uses social media. Social media can trigger the occurrence of crime in the real world. For example, some time ago, in the area near where I live, there have been cases of burglary and theft committed by junior high school children. Once traced, obtained information that the child got the way from Youtube. Wow!

4. Distribution of Incompatible Information.

This information is usually packed in such a way that it is like a truth. For example, news about the benefits of a plant, accompanied by the words 'based on research by Prof.Dr ...', accompanied by some testimony from people who already use it. There are also many stories about an incident that is not true but also spread. Or commonly called hoax news.

5. Lowering Achievement

The falling learning achievement of children is also one of the negative impacts of social media use by children. What parents can do is limit the use of gadgets by children. Children who are engrossed in their gadgets will become less empathetic with the environment.

6. Socialization In The Real World Reduced

For society in general, the existence of social media also bring negative influence. People are becoming less socialized in the environment. Everyone is more fun with the gadgets that are in his hands. Even the current trend is, in a meeting, where interaction should take place between individuals, but the interaction does not occur because each foreigner is busy with his smartphone. Busy with the virtual world.


We really can not distance ourselves from the social media, but we must be wise in using it. So that we do not become people who belong to the group of criminals in cyberspace or even become victims of crime in cyberspace.

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