8 Main Capital For Success In Blogging World

Whoever you are with good intentions and continuous in the gamut can become a successful blogger later on. We know nowadays it is so stout service provider site to create a free blog that is ready to be used to promote various kinds of knowledge, In fact along with the development of time to time the world of blogging also experienced a very rapid development. Blogs that used to be used only as a place to write inspiration streaks alone has now become the most widely used online business containers in earning income through the internet, This has been proven by some bloggers who have been successful by getting tens of millions to hundreds of millions each month.

Being a successful blogger is certainly not an easy thing, to achieve success in the world of blogging, hard work system required, smart and must be skilled to become the main capital to follow this online job. But as an encouragement we must realize that to reach success in the world of blogging the instant way is not there and we realize that it will take a long time relative to pursue everything.

Success in the world of blogging bears when a blog that has a lot of visitor traffic. Visitors who dominate them come from search engines, visitors are said to be organic visitors of course very valuable. But the obstacle for some bloggers is the difficulty to get this traffic. Difficulties that hit and they do not know how best to get organic visitors. Actually this ability anyone can have during the intention and perseverance to learn there, because the main factor to get a successful blogger degree is based on the factor of persistence and intention.

This article will tell stories and share experiences about the main capital to manage a blog that would be a successful blog. Writing that I made a reference for beginner bloggers in managing an ordinary blog-just to be a blog that can have a lot of visitors to the main goal of making money from blog success can be achieved.

The main capital to be successful in the world of blogging

Remember, To succeed in the world of blogging is not easy, need to learn and learn, pursue targets to achieve and diligent in managing a blog. And below 8 tips in the world of blogging how the blog you have can successfully bring in many visitors.

1. Write a good article

The main job in the blogging world is to write an article. That is for sure . Therefore it takes a special ability in writing an article, this ability should be honed and always prioritized in the blogging world. . Writing a useful and informative article is not easy, I myself admit that it takes a few days to create an article that is really informative and interesting for the prospective visitor. So do not ever assume that writing is easy. You might just take the copy paste path but it's not a good thing and just believe that such activities in addition to breaking the law also will not produce good results.

Indeed you will initially have trouble and less idea to create a series of words, but if you continue to be sharpened and continue to be diligent to learn then just believe the ability to write articles will experience a very significant change, will always appear new ideas as you type letters alphabet.

How to get another idea is to read some writings fellow bloggers who have so. Read and see what they pour in the contents of their articles, try to get used to reading then eventually we will know how and what a good way.

2. Use a blog template that is seo friendly

The second way you should know is to use a seo friendly blog template. We can learn to know this kind of template. One of them is to look at the structure template itself, check whether the template is lightweight, check whether the template is responsive then it is clear that the template is seo frindly

Another way to familiarize yourself with a seo friendly template is to look at the heading tag structure. Usually a good template will have a dynamic heading tag, for example h1 tag on the front page of the blog but if a post title in open then h1 blog title tag was changed to h2 is the title of the post itself becomes h1 tag.

It takes a special skill to create a template like this, but if you can not make it you can use a free template. There are many free templates out there that have the characteristics of a seo friendly template.

3. Understanding on onpage seo optimization

Understanding of seo onpage is an action that is done in building seo in articles such as arranging the technique of placement of titles and subtitles and create internal links to other posts, create interesting title techniques and also do seo on templates such as adding meta title tags and descriptions or attempts Others. There is no limit to this onpage seo. Some platforms are also doing the right thing to their respective platforms. If your blog is still new to the introduction to the search engine, the following things to do when our blog is so:
  • Submit your blog to google webmaster tool
  • Register blog to bing master tools
  • Submit sitemap / sitemap blog on google and bing
  • Submit your blog to google analitics
This way is done to see the development of our blog and our blog will be indexed search engine faster

The assumption about making articles with origin write, do not think about seo is actually legitimate only, it's their right, But if there is a way to know this why not to learn. because ! .. The word technique seo will not exist if not through trial process. Some bloggers who have reaped the results of the blogging world because they know what a positive effect on the blog if the basic basics of seo onpgage seo techniques.

Thus every time a post optimization article seo onpage should be done every time you compile an article. Make sure letter by letter, word for word is fitting then after the new publish.

4. Do keyword research or keywords

Before giving a title to the article first done is keyword research or keyword.
Do not understand wrong about this technique because technique keyword research there are many ways one of them researching the keyword through search engine itself. Another way to research keywords you can use keyword research with google trends or google keyword planer.

As I said before doing something in the world of blogging especially if you are still a beginner it is not easy as well as how to merist keywords. This way also takes effort and hard work but remember if learned all will be easy later. Let's discuss about how to research this keyword.

Some testimonials from bloggers who have successfully used this trick successfully in the first 2 or 3 months can already get - + 1000 unique visitors a day.

Think first what the title of the article that you will make then use the search engine facilities like google to find out the title that is suitable for use as a keyword

-The example that we think of is the example title of "How to create blog"

Now Open google search engine, then typing the keyword how to create a blog, then google will display some relevant keywords, for example see picture below:
Keyword research
Will be shown some relevant keywords. Now click one by one. If you click on the front page there is a title that matches or almost similar to the keyword then do not be used. The next step is to look for other relevant sentences using the facilities provided keywordtool.io, the site will provide more information about relevant keywords so use the free online tools search for these keywords

Looks vary but actually the meaning of Lsi is "how to create blog" develop this way every time want to make an article.

5. Updates create articles every day

Do not ever idle lazy for the update make the article, the more useful articles and informative you make it a solution to get a lot of visitors. My advice should never miss a single day in the development of blogs, at least 3 to 4 months do not miss a day, after the time is reached I'm sure you will get the results you really expect.

In the early blog visitors will not appear evenly, sometimes in a day does not exist, but do not despair, do not be pessimistic for this cause. We look for good reputation first to the search engine, then afterwards given good results as well. Either way as an animator just see page view only in dashboard blogger, if there is an increase you may use histats services to see the original visitor or use services like histats to see the development of our visitors.

6. Take advantage of facilities web master tools - search console

Another idea to get the most keywords coming to our blog with used web master facility tools search console. Please open the web master, select search console there will be given some information about keywords significant to our blog.

7. Learn how to create quality backlinks via google

Well, on google has so much information on quality backlinks, we've learned this and applied it. References I look for a blog that has prospered ever discussed on how to get quality backlinks for new blogs. So with the increase also our science to get a good backlink for beginner blog.

Another way to get backlinks other than looking for information on google is doing blogwalking. Commented well and embed links on form name and url. Not all commentators will be approve so comment on the good to get backlinks.

8. Pray that what the plan to develop a blog can be successful.

Remember the phrase "the man of God's plan is decisive" Always rely on God and do not rely on humans. Believe in his promise that it will be beautiful in the end.
Word Therapy that says "I wake up before time to reflect on your promises"

So before doing everything start with Prayer!

This 8 The main capital for success in the world of blogging hopefully can be something that can motivate us in all the power and effort to succes on blogging world.

Thanks ~~

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