3 Terms Making Blog To Make Money From Google Adsense

Currently more crowded the talk on the internet about the many bloggers who managed to successfully make money from a blog, not a little bit of rumors that I have heard that there are bloggers who can reap tens hinggga hundreds of millions of google adsense through blogs every month, I guess that's only natural because in the later years of the development of a free blog such as blogspot come up with some new theme, which means souls of young bloggers increasingly bertambahdari I think that this is true adaanya meman.

The goal Most of them make only one, namely how to get blogs to earn money from google adsense, right? certain..! in fact, make money with blogs not only from google adsense alone, there are so many website providers of advertising services such as Chitika example, but because of the more prevalent discussed is google adsense then I will be a little review of how to create a blog to make money from google adsense.
Best way to making blog for adsense
Well, to create a blog that produces this is not as easy as the way you register a new blog to blogger, create a new blog can be as long as the url is different from existing blogs so make blogs easy but the hard way is to create a blog that can be accepted by google adsense .

We know to sign up for google adsense today is very tight. Just imagine some of my honest blogs are original handwriting and already have a lot of visitor levels are still said can not be a pulblisher, but there is also a young blog leaf-shaped leaf directly in approve but if you want to think we first know the blog of course much more Understand from those who shoot the leaf. Then why this article I make with theme how to create blogs that make money from google adsense? Because .. from the case 11 times rejected finally my 12th appeal is accepted also for cooperation as publisher.

For that, as an encouragement for you, that sure to register in google adsense and can accept as publisher is easy.

Terms of conditions create a blog to be accepted google adsense

Previously we must know first blog criteria like what most preferred by google adsense, therefore let us discuss.

1 # Choose one theme only

Blogs with one theme tend to be more approve by google adsense than blog gado-gado. From experience when I register with blog gado-gado all surely denied. So not a lot of visitors who will become a benchmark here but a blog that can be understood about what the blog and discuss about what the blog. And Theme is suitable and most fitting as follows:

  • Entertainment theme - entertainment theme much sought after by google advasters, if your skills are more fundamental to the entertainment you can try with this theme
  • Technology theme - Theme technology is also very popular, such as the theme of technology that discuss gadget, operating system and internet. But do not review the price of goods because the ads are embedded into the blog this blog is an advertisement about a price and specifications of technologi. So you should fill with the latest info or about tips technologi
  • Tourism theme -is there a place for tourism in your location? Why not try to pour it into the blog. This theme is also very liked google adsense.
  • Carpentry theme - google adsense is currently again eyeing some blogs with a carpentry theme, unfortunately in Indonesia can still say a little who have blogs like this and if any, they are less update.
  • Plantation theme - you can also try this one theme. There are great opportunities if you can pour inspiration about the plantation in a blog.

2 # Use a suitable template

It is advisable to use a simple template when registering google adsense, try to match the template with the theme discussed and the template must meet the standards. The standard is as follows.
  • Use a clean and unobtrusive template and do not make the eyes hard to understand and stay for long
  • Use light and responsive templates
  • Use default template of blogger. Well, default template default bloggers are highly recommended and the default template bloggers also have a responsive, even some have edited the default template default blogger to be responsive and can be obtained free.
  • Make sure the navigation of the template is easily accessible to visitors, provide contact form, about, sitemap, privacy policy, blog archive and popular post. Well enough that alone already supports as good navigation.

3 # Make sure the content is adequate

The content in question is not adequate does not mean the article on the blog is still less. The context of the article is inadequate here ie every article made really explains that what the visitor reads is a content not just a title only. Do not be surprised if bloggers of leaf buds may be accepted quickly because their explanation of each article is adequate. Well few tips to create good content like this.
  • Always include a minimum of 1 that describes the 3 original paragraphs of the article. Minimize the use of images as well (not too much) by ensuring that the image size is not large. Give just the right picture and remove the unnecessary image,
  • Place the heading, sub headings and minor headings in position. Kada no bloggers who make the article content-content-ending content when the article is fitting is the title-sentence-sub-title-content-conclusion-ending read: examples of good articles and true on the blog
  • Make sure all articles are already indexed in search engines. Well, the indexed article will state that the blog's age is ready to launch. To create a quick article indexed you register your blog to web master tools.
  • Create original article instead of copy paste. Copy paste is not good, copy paste it plagiarism !! If you have trouble creating original articles you may rewrite or rewrite ready-made articles with newer creative potentials and more easily understood explanations.
I am sure after applying some of the above then to earn money from blogs paid by google adsense will be realized. But if you are still on reject try correction, what is wrong and fix. Do not down when rejected! You should rise up with a new spirit to keep moving forward!

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