Tips on Making Quality Titles SEO, Seo Onpage


Good and true articles are not just original articles (not copy paste from other articles) but also articles that have SEO-friendly

SEO (search engine optimization) is an optimization activity undertaken by the webmaster in order to make the article rank in the top search.

By being in the top search rank automoatic will increase the volume of visitor traffic. By doing effective onpage and offpage SEO optimization, then our article will be easy to find search engine.

One of the optimizations we can do is to create a quality article title and have an SEO-friendly standard.
Best way to optimize title to get best rank on google

Tips on making the title of the article with quality SEO

This time I will try to share tips to make the title of the article with quality SEO so easy to find search engine

1. Search for keywords that are more popular, much sought after

Before writing the article you'll want to find a popular keyword first.

With keywords that are popular or a lot of interest can potentially bring a lot of visitors because the keyword is much sought after in google.

There are many ways to find popular keywords, one of which you can use google trends or google adword keyword planner. With the above applications you can get information about keywords that are trending or popular.

2. Good key words in the first syllable of the title

To make the title to be SEO-friendly you should put the popular keywords you've got in the first syllable in the title.

Suppose you are targeting keywords to make a scientific article then the best option to write a title with the keyword is "make a scientific article on bio"

I strongly recommend to avoid writing the title with a sentence, for example:

  • An easy way to create scientific articles on blogs
  • Error in creating scientific articles on blogs

While there is really nothing wrong with writing the title just by placing the targeted keyword in the first syllable will make the title more SEO-friendly, unless you shoot the keyword "how"

3. Implement longtail keywords in the title of the article

Longtail keyword is a keyword derived from the main keyword. Can consist of 3 syllables or more developed from the main keyword.

The main keyword here is the keyword that you aim at. Examples of the use of longtail keywords we usually encounter namely:
  • Sell converse shoes
  • Sell original converse shoes
  • Sell cheap original converse shoes
  • Sell converse original shirt cheap cheapest complete
Can we see that the original word, cheap, complete is a longtail keyword from the main keyword selling converse shoes.

The use of longtail keywords aims to reduce the level of high competition because the main keywords are usually already controlled large sites with high page rank.

With a good and effective longtail keyword is expected to compete with authority sites so that your blog still have the opportunity to get a lot of visitors.

4. Add an interesting promotional word to the title

The fourth tip and no less important is to add an interesting word of the campaign and can provoke readers curiosity in the title of the article that you create.

Promotional word created has a certain selling value, it can increase the SEO value of your blog.

Promotional words usually show a specific number, latest, cheapest, largest, and so on. Examples of keywords in the title that can make the article interesting:

The latest and most complete branded clothes 2016
10 most wanted keyword niche technology
The most effective onpage SEO tips facing the latest google algorithm

The more interesting the keywords we put on the title will get more attention of people and visitors will increase that Some ways to get lots of visitors

So that I can share for this time the tips that make the title of quality SEO articles, may be useful.

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