Follow These Ways To Get A Website On The First Page, Google Secrets


Not an easy thing to do website owners to their website can appear at the first page of google. There are important things that first they do. And this is important.

What is that ? Seo website. Well, seo.

That is their secret until the website can get the first page rank google.

But until now there are many who do not understand seo and google secret so they choose to use seo services.

But some are already using seo services but did not get results, Precisely the website in the optimization of banned google banned.

Please and Discover 8 Tips On Choosing Seo Services For Your Website Needs

In order for our web appear on google, Top, then you must first pursue 1 important thing.

Namely, the Authority. Google is like a jury that determines whether you're a winner (NO.1) or a cheat player.

When you cheat .... Your red card is part. Penalty !

Google's authority is not easy to obtain. Google trust is the greatest capital for all website owners. Therefore, google enforce the rules.

This rule then works through the algorithm.

And you must obey how, like what the will of this algorithm is. That's the secret.

Google's most dominant algorithm in viewing a website there are 2 of the most grim.
  • Humming bird
  • Google panda
Hummingbird gives priority to relevance, Google panda condemns websites that try to do a cheat way of pursuing rankings.

Suppose you pursue the rankings by putting brutal backlinks for pursuing highly competitive keywords without measuring the score of the linking website first.
Best google secrets ever

So if you want your website to appear first page google then follow the rules in force.

That's all you have to do to make the website easy to find on google and be given the top sweet seat.

That's The Key of Getting the Best Rank in Google 2017 a way for the website to appear first page of google.

Website Keyword Is The Way To The First Page

But, you choose the wrong keywords. When the keyword is the secret. The right keywords that then make your website visible and found, but do not make mistakes in determining keywords.

For example like this ... A website using the keyword "Sydney garden" Then you also want to use that keyword.

If you want to be number 1 with that keyword, then make sure it is right for your website than the opposing website (Competitors) How do I do?

Explain in detail to search engines, follow applicable rules and make clear your web content more than your competitors. Read our Guide to Improve Content Visibility

Do not make mistakes such as putting backlinks with anchor text with targeted keywords, repeatedly.

But, if I am in your position who is pursuing the same keywords then I will make a few changes and use keywords such as "Sydney best garden"

Why? Because it is complete and more specific.

You may mumble "Its imposible, That people search for is sydney garden services" As it is not?

Well, here there are 2 options for you.

1- Visitor Worth of Sale and Purchase
2- The Outrageous Visitors

The second choice of visitors can be stray because they want to read the form of articles you make, or hunted to do clicks.

While option number 1 is targeted visitors. Visitors come because it is looking for a cheap and best.

Seek information for their solution and you have it. As a result search engines understand that your website pages do have relevance.

Many visitors come.

Targeted visitors come, your turnover increases.

Other than that,..

And it's more important that your pages have frequent visits, that means your content / website is trustworthy and as a result you are holding the key preference keywords.

Backlink Is Your Website Reference, Not A Secret Anything

Yet many bloggers and website owners misunderstand this. Think they have unique things about backlinks (Backlinks)

The more confusing because there are terms dofollow and nofollow.

As if this backlink is something that smells of attraction or points required points. Such as more and more backlinks more attraction.

And that's wrong. A backlink is where a source reference your website.

Putting up a link that leads to your website (Referrals) That's the real meaning.

Therefore, some web owners put links through comments brutally.

Giving comments that have nothing to do with the content of articles that are visited.

Finally "Spam"

So how google would put your website on the front page if it happened like this?

Mending in law only. 

So the best way is to find a backlink with a good reference value. Although this sounds difficult but believe every effort there must be results.

You can refer yourself by making comments or getting someone to post a link for your web.

Optimize Your Website Page / Content

Understand the intent of optimizing content? Because this is different from optimizing the website.

Content is the content of the website while the website is where the content is.

So, to be able to optimize your website then prioritize its contents.

Here's what you need to do ....

1) Determine Which Pages Most Major

Usually, the main page is on the About Us Page, this page that tells the search engine about all information on the website.

Therefore, onpage optmation is very important for this page.

If not, you can still pursue other pages. Or if necessary the front page.

2) Keywords, It's Very Important

Do not use keywords that people also use, But target those keywords to be yours.

Understood? In this case I strongly recommend you use longtail keywords.

Excess longtail keywords because you can make your website has a variety of keywords.

But remember to do keyword research first. Find competitive position on low competition status.

Do not compete on high competition.

Take it easy. There are competing tricks, using low keywords but can compete with high competition keywords. When will I make the article. For this time, learn first how to create One Title Articles Many Keywords, Keyword Abstract, Target Pageone

3) Content Fixtures

Images, videos, internal links, external links search description, permalink is a part of the content that must be equipped to be more optimal.

If your content is complete and structured, that means your content is indeed mandatory.

Different again if you do not use anything.

Will be discarded because the content is not just text.

But also some other complementary.

Have you ever found a website whose content has a video? That's because he wants the content to be considered complete.

So, to optimize the content of the website then complete in a structured manner. Only that.

The conclusion of this "Google Secret"

It's no secret. Remember, all you can do for free and maximum if early on you do it in accordance with the applicable algorithm.

That's the right way.

Do not just do the optimization.

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