This Is The Secret To Get Blog Visitors Quickly

Do you know to bring a lot of visitors to our blogs have a secret too ?? This article is deliberately I made to try to review all the important things that bloggers do not know in techniques to increase blog visitors quickly with "daki" version!

There is no way to hide in seo sharing. Everyone can certainly do it in their own way according to what they know and learn especially for the points of bringing in the number of blog visitors a lot.
Best way to get many blog visitor easily
But getting to know seo should also be more explored so that we do not fall into the wrong technique. By doing the wrong way of course our website potentially drown in other languages ​​do not get the number of visitors in want.

In addition to knowing how to increase targeted target blog traffic is how to provide good service for visitors to come back by providing good content in an informative manner.

Never ask about how many visitors this blog in one day. This blog is still young, still the age of shoot leaves, the visitor is still 200 per day but try to note, when you read this whether you are not my visitor? How can you come here and how you can read this article, it is one of the techniques I use.

Whatever form I do so you can come to this blog as long as it is kosher I think that's one of the secrets of increasing blog traffic by bringing in visitors.

Try to remember again, did you read this article because this article shared to social media? If you come through social media like facebook it because this article is share, they share because they are sure what he sought during this is not a secret that must be novice bloggers know. Or maybe I'm sharing so you can be my visitor.

Even if you come through search engines that means seo value of this article with keywords how to increase blog visitors with right seo you can make as a learning in increasing your blog traffic as well.

In a moment I will share the most powerful tips and tricks to increase the number of visitors in a lawful and very fast way, but first let me explain it through paragraph by paragraph so that the most precise seo secrets can be found.

Make sure you do not just read. Try to see what I cultivate to each paraggraf in this article if your eye jelly you will get the answer but if you directly jump down to seek the tutorial then sorry it is because this article I have tutorial since you read from the beginning.

Continue on the discussion about seo, about how the most powerful and most powerful techniques to bring hundreds to thousands and did not rule you can get up to tens of thousands of visitors per day according to my version of them:
  • Know tips on creating a domain or sub domain according to niche blog
  • Having a lot of quality backlinks, even if there is no use seo onpage techniques, we will discuss later
  • Able to create quality content of quality and informative
  • Know how to research keywords and use them so as not to get caught in the wrong way seo
  • Ready to read this article out.
Five of the above provisions you need to know and have before knowing tricks seo increase traffic with so the target to produce a good quality blog you can have.

1. Create a domain name or subdomain according to your blog niche

Many seo experts say by creating a blog url in accordance with our blog niche will potentially have a better level of seo accuracy in the eyes of search engines.

Suggestions Some seo experts in creating a domain name that represents the identity of the contents of a blog should be created by:
  • As short as possible
  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to say
  • Easy to spell
  • Does not contain brand names that own the copyright
  • Not too similar to other domain names
It would be less profitable to create a different domain name with niche blog. One example if you create a domain that contains a little copyrighted brand or combine with the brand brand of a large company for example, blogandroid, yourandroid and so on, why? Try think course when someone typed the keyword android to web search that will appear more dominant to companies that have original android data.

And it will be more profitable when you have a nice blog that contains about android given a domain name or sub domain like my tutorial, this mytutorial, this, because the word "tutorial" is not a brand but an explanation

Another example like this blog domain I pinned the word blogging because the content of this blog 99% talking about what is blogging and other activities, blogging is not a brand or brand name company.

Create a domain address as short as possible. It aims that someone who has visited your keyblog will easily come back because he can easily memorize the domain address you create.

Blogs with long domain names will make the eyes hurt and when someone is hard to spell a domain name instantly it is also the visitors prefer not to memorize it.

There are also some of the seo experts say, short and clear url will be easily recognizable by the search engines.

Then do not plagiarism create a domain name that almost resembles a successful web name first. You may be tempted by the number of visitors on the web so you intend to create a domain name similar to the web, do not .. I think wrong.

2. We recommend a blog has a lot of backlinks and understand seo techniques onpage

Backlink? Well ... backlinks will help a page stay in its position on the search page, or if an article that was originally raw or not famous can be boosted to be in a better position. .. you should first understand what is meant backlink.
Backlink is a backlink from one website or another blog that leads to our blog, Backlink is a link that becomes a source of call back to get a good position on search engines
And all seo experts admit that in order to get a quality article that occupies a good position the search engine must have many backlinks for that article.

But I deny that! Cause after google panda launched all seo techniques also change. Seo that used to be different with seo after google panda in launch.

Now search engines are getting smarter than human wants. Now search engines are more concerned with how the articles are taught when schools compose word for word, paragraph by paragraph to create a readable and easy to understand sentence.

If the former seo can outsmart the search engine robots by placing keywords in a shambles, now all the way it can not be used anymore. Google has updated how its engine works better than it used to be

So I guarantee that to create an article with a maximum seo value you do not need to do nothing, simply by arranging and placing appropriate heading tag tags and understand how to outsmart visitors with a unique title that the article interesting.

But I never lead you not to hunt backlinks because I myself still up to now still looking for backlinks, the rest I focus a lot on how to optimize seo onpage that I understand.

Is seo onpage hard?

No .. the answer is not difficult. When you read this article seo onpage techniques that I understand I have applied. In the following article I will illustrate how to create an article that can explain how to do seo onpage well but not now because if I explain in this article I think it is very risky for me and my blog if this article is deviated by making irrelevant keywords ..

3. Create unique, interesting and informative articles
I just feel challenged again about it because I personally feel the previous explanation is not enough to describe to you widely how to create a quality article so that the purpose of getting a lot of visitors can be successful.

Part of what I know is on the internal link above. You can try and practice using that insight. If it is not proven what I am saying, please take your time to give criticism and suggestions so that we can be same mutual in the development of seo techniques ..

If you are asking about how to create an informative article, the answer is brief. You are looking for a secondhand newspaper, read a title from the news and then read the description of the newspaper's story, that is an example of an informative article.

But that does not mean the article is unique and interesting. To find examples of interesting content you can learn from other bloggers who always make titles with the word wow, it turns out and this is it.

Even if the content is not informative but you are interested to do clicks because thought the contents of the article was unique and hooked to read it. It is also one of the seo tricks, fishing techniques come to our blog visitors through the making of the title.

4. Do keyword research before making a decision to create a title

Pay attention to this point. Search engines especially google, once indexing our page then it was taken it anyway.

There is no technique to date that can outsmart an article that has been indexed can be changed again to get a good position in the serp.

For example, if you change the title of an indexed article to the extent that it will not work unless you delete the article and create a similar article with a different title. If you do not agree, you can comment to complete my knowledge.

Well, To get the quality of an article that can invite a lot of readers first we must know what more busy discussed. If the article we are able to be front page then it is possible we flooded the visitor.

How can put our articles on the front of the search engine ?? which combine ritual was looking for a way to create titles of articles can be used as a unique and interesting then we combine with keyword research seo techniques. Do not know how to research keywords ??

5. My way to get lots of visitors you've read

I purposely made this fifth point so you can focus more on reading 4 important things above. Thus my hope to be able to share to you is achieved through this article.

Actually there are still many other things to support the 4 important points above, such as placement of images in the article let seo or how to change the link let seo article, but if I review all tomorrow tomorrow I run out of ideas to add content on my blog.

And remember! .. i am not a seo expert, i get this way self-taught only. I never suggest you to do my way because it could be my way is not as you expect.

I just want to share it because the aesthetics of a blogger that keeps the ethics of sharing and learning each other.

I would be more happy if you protest by giving a criticism that can build me through the comment form below.

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