Strategy Maximizing Facebook Page For Business Online

Do you know according to data released by Kominfo currently internet users in Indonesia reached 63 million people and the number is certainly the day will continue to increase this in the dasari will more easily access the internet with maraknnya Hp sales with more affordable price.
Maximize facebook page for business
And from so many internet users in Indonesia average internet users 95 percent access to social media to just play, selling, looking for news and so on.

Average social media users are people who do not have access like blogs and youtube but they love to update stats - stats for just share stories. The most social media users in the interest of indonesia people is Facebook and according to the data we can now reach Indonesia's second place after the USA with Facebook users reach 41,777,240 users and the second media social the most in interest is twitter.

For the virtue of people playing social media like Facebook is able to be hiburang but for some people Facebook is one social media that can be a livelihood to earn money in dalamnnya, Maximize Facebook to sell online maybe some people have been there who think about it but if it is not soon We do We will only be the audience and can not maximize the social media You must have Internet Marketing Strategy What You Need To Apply In Online Business

The process we can do if we want to learn to get into the world of marketing sosila network, I will explain some of the market strategy for this strategy in order to be easier to understand.

Market Analysis Before starting

If we want to plunge into the world of business online it would be nice We can see the market first before plunging directly nah what asaja we need to know?

Things like products that are popular in the community can We search, if if we do not have their own products We can do penjulan with products that are currently often in search in the market.

Why do an online shop?

Online shop in my opinion is the process of utilizing effective social media nowadays, if the first society engan buy products online with the reason of fear in the trick this is already starting to get lost because masyarat itself has started smart choose - choose where the online shap Trusted and where online shop fraudsters.

And also buy online is a fast way without having to go out and can choose, bertaya as they pleased and bias in censel as they pleased.

So How Good Steps To Sell Online Using Facebook?

Here's an insight you can try ...

1) Create a Facebook page, Fan Page

Facebook itself has been serve new products specifically used by social media lovers to share activities more freely different from Facebook profiles that can only friend with the limit only 5000 people Facebook page Page or more in the know Indonesian as FanPage or Facebook user page can Get friends until millions of people without in limitation by adannya followers.

Inside jug there are features that can be utilized for selling as a store album that can be utilized to display photos of our products. Of course this will make the user social media easier to manage it.

To get followers in Fan Page is not easy. Maybe for some people is quite difficult to get 1000 followers in the fanPage that they make but actually very easy it is done, learn How to Much Like Facebook FanPage The easiest with the science is guaranteed to get followers for facebok page will be easier.

If there are still some who are still confused how to make their own Facebook page, please read How to list new fb to create a Facebook page.

When this step can we do without any constraints at all We will go to the next step.

2) Promotion of selling products

Promotion is a step that must be done by the owner of an online shop, out there stout who spend money to millions - millions just to do an ad a product, then how to the minimal capital?

Promotions are not always spreading capital there several promotion that we can with free, We know Facebook is the most social media in the interest of Indonesian people in there are groups that make groups for just a whim or a lover of certain goods.

We can use a group - a group on Facebook to share products that we sell of course with a certain strategy with friendliness and follow the rules within the group so we are not in spam in the group.

Or also We can join the forum sites such as kaskus, tokopedia and others like to market our products to be more broad and stout in the know people.

When we already have a customer and managed to buy our product, we will go to the next step ..

3) Establish good communication with buyers

Doing good communication is not only done by prospective buyers but we can also do it by our former buyers of our products, the purpose so that they feel appreciated and make them comfortable and willing to buy back our products.

The returning who feels in hokey in the sense that the product they buy is not in accordance with their wishes or the super arogant seller in the sale will actually make the seller more losses, maybe for small scale does not cause too big effect if it happens to every buyer it will lead to an online shop We'll get lonely.

Instead visitors who are satisfied with the service and the results of the goods in take, do not hesitate buyers will come back again to buy our products and maybe buyers will tell others that our online shop recommendation for product purchase.

4) Give each purchase a bonus

Bonus is the type of goods that can be attained by someone who bought our product, the ready that does not like the bonus even though the price is not how but without it We realize of the stuff that is not that much will make consumers will come again to buy our products.

5) Give a module guide

Giving guidance we can do for certain items that must be done in nature like someone who sells plant seeds, providing guidance such as guidance how to plant nuts, if we sell goods such as peanut seeds. And this should be done so that buyers are not confused to start it.

6) Diligently pray and always save

The last step that must be done, pray 'and always save for every result that we can for the business we do can grow.

Everything we do above is the basic technique of Facebook marketing to do the first step in doing business in the world of Facebook in a precise and fast way.

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