7 Tips for Choosing a Good Blog Topics To Be Liked By Google

What are the steps to do to get to know Tips and How to Choose a good topic for a blog? Of course by reading this article to finish because a lot of information about the topic of blog you are looking for! Determine by topic choice according to characters you can master and can be useful for many people. Choosing a good topic for blogs tailored to the experience that we can develop for many people, we can determine any topic when creating a website but the success factor that will be achieved will be very difficult if in the discussion of each article in the blog there are so many kinds Consequently you will be confused and will disappear the idea to go to the level of success that you are targeting.
Best way to choosing best blog topics
The most important step to start building a blog or website when choosing a topic, theme or language blogger niche, Not a few bloggers who are always wrong in choosing a blog theme, many are choosing a topic again popular but the fact did not know anything about it And consequently confusion for the next step.
There are also bloggers who "imitators" So Interested in seeing the success of another blogger and trying to imitate the style, pattern to the type of article-making topics are made similar to slightly different styles but by imitating the style is considered plagiarism, especially the copaser, ugly again always claim that it belongs When there is a source.

Another mistake in choosing a blog topic is choosing a topic with little interest, the topic of the blog with few readers of course and is clearly said to be an unattractive topic. One example of uninteresting blog topics is a seasonal blog topic, such as cashew, if you choose "solo" your own way like the topic "cashew" will be a bit who want to know this but if you choose fruit topics then the fruit will be a good topic because Represents another type of fruit fruit in accordance with the season.

How To Choose Blog Topic To Be Easy To Grow And Famous ???

Blogging Insights Choosing the topics of visited blogs is also an option but because the insight in explaining the topic is lacking, it consequently becomes the choice of the wrong topic. Do not choose an easy topic but the fact is difficult to apply. And below is a bit of advice from me in determining blog topics.

1. Make topics that match your hobby

Try choosing a topic that suits your hobby, for example if your hobbi is fishing, why not choose that type? There will be many things you can explain about fishing insights, how to get the right fishing, how to process a fishing line can potentially be a great keyword later. Even you can tell in each of your articles about your experience during fishing and get a big fish, telling a place that profits lots of fish or maybe just your gripe in fishing activities and then not produce results. This topic may also be said topics.

2. Pick a topic of experience you've ever lived

What is the most memorable life experience you have ever experienced? If fishing tell me about fishing, but I am sure that every human being has a lot of experience in his life. You can narrate it, explain and pour in a blog that you create to be an inspiration to others. Do not be ashamed to tell your ugliness, do not just tell the good side because by telling many things it means you have a lot of potential to know people. Thus a blog with experience topics is also the best choice.

3. Customize with whatever you master then make the topic

You can also be creative in choosing topics that you master, for example you master 3-4 types of tutorials or maybe you are experts in this field and that, may be the right choice for your blog topic selection. For example, you have a skill to repair motor damage, although not as good as a workshop but you can collaborate nice automotive then contains some tutorial about the motor in it. You can spare the topic like mentutorialkan how to make a motor fast with this and that, or maybe you make an article on how to make a fuel efficient motor. The topic is also a good choice to be a blog topic.

4. What is your job and do you enjoy it? Can also be a blog topic.

What do you do ? Do you enjoy the job? If you enjoy it any shape? You can take a moment to think for a moment that the choice of this topic is good. Tell your experience in a job, start telling your life and your work, so you can develop later on what job information people need, the information will be searched via the internet and you will be greatly benefited because you have a blog topic that tells it .

5. Topics Online business, engaged in what?

This type of niche is very popular and much sought after but can you master it? In need Tips before Online business via blogger to choose this topic and need insight How to create an interesting article, if you can do that, then apply! But discussing online business tips you should be careful. Do not refer someone when you do not know exactly a business. Instead of benefiting you will actually damage your morale when what you share can not be a benefit of others. Try to just tell tips tips like This Application Can Improve Smooth Your Online Business That Is In Instagram or maybe a story about Factors to Look For By Online Business Beginner

6. Mixed blog topics, are you sure ??

Niche gado gado is also the best choice, you may try this niche but remember, by choosing this niche you must know the consequence that every article you make your original is not the result of copy and paste. If forced to copy paste should edit a little and always follow the source so as not to get a ticket by DMCA. Remember that copy paste is not recommended, please read my article that is still associated with copy paste Penalties for copies of articles and how to avoid them

7. Theme blog about adventure.

Until now rarely there is a discussion about adventure when the topic of adventure is very good to be a blog topic. I have tried to choose this topic but since I am a child and never adventure (except adventure in a dream) then I cancel. If you have a lot of experience about adventure, try to make your blog topic, because this topic very profit once.


Never choose a topic that is easy but hard for you to discuss, do not be a plagiarism to imitate someone else's topic unless you can discuss it in other ways, do not make the wrong topic unless you want to be confronted with learning to become an experience.

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