Tips To Create Viral Content Techniques To Attract Many Visitors

What is viral content? Viral content is content that attracts the attention of many people, either because the content is impressive, useful or giving personal impact to the reader. In other words if you create a content, and then spread widely and quickly then the content is said to be viral, But there is so much content that feels useful out there but does not get enough attention. Why? Due to non-promotion, Content may become viral if properly promoted, Even a lot of inconsistent content remains viral because it's well-promoted, So promotion is the single most important factor for making content viral. By creating viral content on blogs, will automatically bring in a lot of visitors and ultimately earning blogs increased.
How to get many visitor with viral content

How to capture many visitors using content that attracts attention

This time I will share ways or techniques to create viral content on blogs, the technique of attracting visitors through a technique invites the reader's attention and the following ways:

1. Create a unique title that persuades

If you feel less able to write content that is considered to be viral, then just make the title of the content as interesting as possible Because the title is the first thing that someone see if you want to visit our blog. So by making a unique title indirectly we persuade visitors to go to our blog.

Have not you seen a content title that did not match the content of the content? This is often seen in social media because actually sosmed users are afraid to click on unusual links, but if the title of the content so interesting then there is the possibility of users will still go to our blog. You could say this is one technique that is often used internet marketers.

Examples of unique content titles that persuade:
"Sophisticated technique to create a sophisticated website in 3 hours" sounds interesting is not it? Though it could be the content in the article is only about basic tips and tricks in creating a website.

2. Create a title that contains the opposite word

The opposite word here is a word that is contrary to the purpose of the article. It is more related to the subconscious side of a person. Have seen the posts on the roadside "do not waste trash here!" But people still throw garbage there. Our subconscious mind often obscures the "no" interpretation to "yes".

Examples of titles that we can make with the opposite word are:
"10 tips to get rich quick that can not be imitated"
"Secret tricks in getting any girl number. Do not click "
"5 things that will make you successful though not old though"

For the example of the first title, the word "should not be imitated" will definitely make potential visitors feel very interested and guaranteed to click on the title.

For example the second title, on the internet there are many words "do not click" that is widespread. Are we going to not click on the title? Certainly not! When in fact all the articles that are made aims to attract visitors. So the more clicks the more profitable.

For example the second title, "5 things that will make you successful even though not old" actually means "5 things that will make you successful at a young age" but we make the title with the opposite word in it sehinggan make it more different and interesting look.

3.Use various signs (quotation marks, brackets, plus etc.) in the title

Using a specific mark on the title is one thing you can do in creating and promoting content. The mark on the title will be easier to attract attention and also be considered as a complement.

So by using a specific mark only on the title, we can get a more detailed description of the articles we make. Large webs often use this trick and if shared in social media will become viral in a fast time.

How to create a title of quality SEO articles, Seo onpage are:
"Find out your English skills (free ebook)"
"Managing finances wisely and correctly (peeled thoroughly)"
"Best" date tips you can copy "

With certain signs make the title above becomes more interesting. Moreover, readers get more detail. For example:

Articles with title "find out your English skills (free ebook)" will be equipped with ebook that can be downloaded for free.

The article entitled "managing finances wisely and correctly (peeled thoroughly)" will contain articles whose contents are long because they are thoroughly stripped

Articles with the title "best" date tips "you can copy" will contain the best date tips. So the reader thinks it could be in the article contains the opinions of certain experts.

4. Use interesting images

Images are vital if you want to mebuat content to be viral. Even you can say if you mengshare content in social media, then the first thing that visitors see is the image and then the new title. So the title of the content and the image must be synergized. It's useless to make an interesting title if the picture does not seem to connect. By presenting unique, funny, weird, cool pictures etc will get visitors to click on your content and potentially become viral.

What you should be aware of, make sure the image quality remains good with a small size. You can use a compress application that still ensures the quality of the image. Image size is important to ensure loading to our blog still feels light.

5. Use an attractive opening paragraph

Many bloggers make the initial paragraph too long and long-winded. This will certainly make the visitor uncomfortable. Because if the initial paragraphs have been long-winded then of course the content will be unattractive to the reader.

Make a standard number of sentences for the first paragraph in the articles on your blog. The most important thing is how to make early paragraphs attractive. Because actually not necessarily visitors to read sentence by sentence on blog.

6. Create content with an emotional approach

The most vulnerable content becomes viral is content that can evoke the emotional side of the reader, in the sense that readers can feel happy, touched, curious, disappointed, angry and so forth. This is because, if the reader feel influenced by the content that we make then they will not hesitate to share the content. If this continues continuously then the automatically created contest will become viral.

Examples of content we can create to arouse the reader's emotional side are the content with surprising facts, content with everyday habits that turn out to be harmful, content offensive to certain groups, content that gives rise to emotion, and so on.

The content you can make by twisting certain facts or even your own essay. Although it is not true to do, but guaranteed content with an emotional approach can viral easily.

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