Understanding Duplicate Content For Google

There are some blog owners out there doing duplicate content (Copying) from sites that already have a good reputation.

They mean that if you copy the content then the site will also increase as the site already has that reputation.

Unfortunately that's a bad thing and should be left behind. Google really hates sites like that, so from google in the webmaster quality manual says it will not add value even just punish the website.

For the long term, for the sake of the future of your website you should not do a cheat way so you can also get a good reputation. How to improve the relevance and authenticity of the content that you publish.

Notice ...

That a website whose content is just a copy of the content will not add value to visitors.

In fact you will only get copyright infringement and in law!

So such sites should never hope to get full priority from google, especially long term.

Worse yet, if you are an adsense publisher just make your account get banned permanent because it can not provide added value to the user.

You should provide content that is more useful for users who will search or search on Google.
Understanding Duplicate Content For Google

Some Examples of Duplicate Content

1-Sites that copy directly from scratch to the end of an article and then republish to their website.

2- Websites that copy and then modify a bit, eg replace synonyms, this is usually done automatically using online tools, then republish to the website.

3- Web / blogs that automatically publish content by retrieving content from other site feeds (Agc Blog) This is also considered a "Content Duplication Site"

4- Sites that are created specifically fill only content such as images, videos and then retrieve content from other sites without substantial added value to the user

That's the definition of content duplication for google .....

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