A Complete Defenition of Backlink and Links Functions and How To Create Backlinks

Because today do not know want to post what and remember that Creating article content every day is strongly recommended by some experts seo robots always crawl our blog then I decided to share important information about other blogging insights that Let know What is backlinks and how to create backlinks Which is true in the blog or to another website. I will try to describe one by one as usual so that more easily understood, hopefully this article can help you recognize the important definition of what it is backlinks and their functions and how to make it because until now I still see there are many bloggers wrong in responding and how to plant there Some of them just fill but do not know whether the container is clean or not.
How to create high quality backlinks

Understanding backlinks and recognize the function and how to make it

There are some important points about getting to know the backlinks that I will discuss in this article. As much as possible I present with a brief and precise understanding so that this reading is easy to understand.
My hope in sharing this information so that there is no more wrong action in the hunt for a back link because you need to know that backlinks are needed and must be owned for the development of a website.

What is a backlink?

Backlink is a Link or a link located on one other site that leads to the website that we are in. Other understandings are also known as inbound links. Backlink is one of the most important weapons in the process of developing search engine optimization (SEO)

What does it do and try to explain

The function of backlinks to help a site to be in good position in search engines. The average of a site that is always in the best position on the search engine because it has a high quality backlink level so it helps a site get a good position in the eyes of search engines like google, bing and yandex.

Can you give an example of how to make the right?
It's easy to create it using a little html script if you comment on a website and fill in the url of the website you got in the comment form by using the following command:
"<a href="http://www.yoursite.com"> Your Site Tittle</a>"

How many models and how many different types of backlinks?

There are two models are dofollow and nofollow and there are two types namely one way and two way. Let us learn what each means:
  • One way backlinks are one-way backlinks that mean, only your links are planted on blogs or other websites without any backlinks from your blog. A simple example is site A plant link to site B, but site B link is not there site A
  • Two way backlinks The opposite of One Way Backlink that is both sides between site A and site B are both enjoying the effects of optimization Where link A is on site B and also link B is on site A.
  • Dofollow backlinks in English ie "follow" means a link from another website that we plant our website link will follow our site link.
  • Backlink Nofollow while nofollow opposite of dofollow ie not follow our website link, But backlink process still occur if a link exist at site of nofollow website.

How to add backlinks quickly and where must install it?

There is no suggestion from me for tutorials to add backlinks quickly because webmaster experts say that someone who adds or uses illegal ways to plant backlinks in large quantities and quickly will be filtered into search engine sanbox because it is considered to perform spam action. All website owners know exactly what impact they get if they get penalty from google.

Then how to install a backlink you can apply to the blog comments neighbors or other websites but not all blog owners provide donors for one way links so smart smart just commented that the link we planted approved blog owner or website.

You can also apply through forum signatures like forum and news site and other forum types, there are some rules to put our link on a web forum so always follow the rules so that our link is approve.

Through the social bookmarking site is also the best, With submit facility blog / url on social bookmarking websites including powerful enough to build one way link building our blog. There are so many Social Bookmark sites that we can use in building link building so please search.

Well, so a little explanation about the complete Understanding of backlinks and what functions backlinks and how to make it hopefully this article can be useful for you. Thank you for reading and do not forget to share this interesting article.

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