6 Ways to Make Seo Articles Most Powerful For Beginner Bloggers

How to Make Seo Articles the most powerful for beginner bloggers - Pay close attention to which I will review below is a seo trick that I add a powerful word and special for beginner bloggers. Without you knowing one of the tricks to be reviewed is applicable when you read fit in this paragraph. Soon I will share but previously read read both how to Know Settings on blogger and its function because good suit and right must be applied for the interest of seo blogger.

Then in this paraggraf I add the word relevant to the existing word in the title ie How to create seo articles on blogspot. Deliberately I bold let more readable. There is a bit of a word between blogger and blogspot so I use it because it is a semantic keyword to use in this technique.
Easy ways to make seo articles for beginner bloggers
Then I continue to include other keywords around the most powerful seo article for beginners. Should i use seo tricks 2017 so you are interested to come here. If you read this it means that seo is powerful, it is impossible for you here to read this if this trick is not good and not interesting because I have ever discussed How to create an interesting article if I am able to make my keywords interesting then my chances are very big to bring in a lot of traffic .

Take a look at the paragraph above .. I use one relevant keyword then I bold then I add an internal link to one of my articles.

Thus seo article onpage is a bit applicable for this article and internal articles that I add above.

Every time you create an article you should insert internal links may be few and many of the relevance of the origin strong. Do not place on title. The internal content of the link in the description of the article and the sentence must be in line with the explanation.

Then the addition of relevant articles that will be in the content of the third link like this try to end in the sentence discussion. For example .. consider well ... the results we will get by applying the basic tricks seo powerful potentially get a lot of traffic.

Next I create a new paraggraf again, this means that I spread many keywords in this article. The more paraggraph it means the article will be long, the longer an article it means the wider the room to spread keywords.

Some say long articles are highly favored by search engines because more informative, obviously will be informative because there are many paraggraf in the pinned keywords. Seo tricks for beginners is very easy and not difficult. Just learn, you can review this article what it means ...

Then I explain again that this paraggraph is the last paragraph of the introductory sentence of this article. This is not done yet, because no subtitles I have added yet.

The subtitles in the article will represent the keywords from the title of the leader so this is very important. Go on again to this paraggraf what I will do, ie I add some more keywords that represent seo goole tricks or maybe I add a trick to increase seo or maybe I add more so that this free seo trick is easy to understand.

Well now it's time I added the heading tags under..check carefully what word I will use and what tags I use so you will very easily understand.

Here's How To Make The Seo And The Easiest And Powerful And Suitable For Beginners

I Use heading tags (h2) for the following sentence How To Make Seo Articles And The Most Convenient And Powerful And Suitable For Beginners. The contents of this subtitle will also be the same as above that is spreading the keywords in each paraggraf but this time will be different because the article model after sub headings is the explanation points so we will use the keywords in each subtitle (Lsi). Take a good look at both what and how and how many keywords I will use. Go below I put the sub heading tag (h3)
Seo basics I have applied a little above, then I've entered ketahap explanation points and that is reading this is the introduction of heading tag h2.

1. Place the keywords in the paragraph

Already explained above that the spread of keywords in each paraggraf is the best way to maximize seo an article. The keywords in the deployment are relevant keywords not by repetition of the same keyword (same sentence) The best way when you want to use many keywords in the article is to rely on the use of Lsi Keyword.

2. Use Tag Heading In Sub Headings

The subtitle also mentioned above. Use heading and sub headings as well as minor heading. Until now there are many friends bloggers who do not understand about the tag heading and its use. Padaha if you browse the various references out there that are highly recommended to use this heading tag. Why ?? Because heading tags are an important pali foundation in the article because it represents the main title directly. But using these heading tags also must be neat and appropriate portion.

3. Create a long article

With the length of an article the more informative the article is and the wider the room to spread keywords. Short articles will be considered spam if the keywords are too many. Bad results that you will get are very vulnerable to google panda algorithm. You should avoid making short articles and then spreading keywords blindly. You should change it from now on and start enrich content with text. Do not be bored to make a long article because that will enjoy your results as a person.

4. Use internal links

Internal function of the same link with the understanding of backlinks but is in the website itself, the internal link is a directional link from one article to another article that is in our website. Articles that are embedded links will be stronger and stronger. Why ? Because, when a link that is relevant to one discussion and then get a click as well then slowly the article will experience the name page autority so the article will be better position. Then, by applying internal links will make your website experience a neat bounce and page view a lot. About the insights you can get here 7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Internal Link strategy

5. Use Image As Graphics Info

Insert at least one image then tag title and alt to explain that this picture has info and what info is it? Fill in the title tag with your keywords also on the alt. Make sure the image is an original image and has never been in google before. To avoid duplicate image, use original image. If you are having trouble getting an image you should use the images available on the "free to use" image providers website to avoid ownership attributes. Duplicate image is also a danger, will be considered an auto generate blog, as dangerous as copy and paste articles of people without including the source.

6. Do not copy paste.

Copy paste in addition deemed not good by humans more if in lyrics by search engine robots. Google Algorithm Panda likes to website like this, what is it ?? Likes to make the web to be forgotten and in depak far2 to the back. Let alone google smart bot and getting smarter in terms of crawling. This style is very dangerous and does not play.

The best way to trace people's articles is by merewrite or rewrite by altering a few accents in the article. Try to take the idea alone and the contents make from your own creativity.


Creating seo articles is hard but it will be easy when you want to learn to develop any existing techniques. The main thing in doing the optimization, especially SEO ON-PAGE is to learn from the experience of people who have applied it and proven successful.

Happy Blogging~

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