Causes of a Website Hated By Google, Do not Do Spam

There are so many website owners choosing a way Google does not like for its website to be at the top of the search results.

Take action where website owners think that what they are doing is the right thing.

But, the result is minimal ....

Their action is not to produce a dedication but its website is only buried in the backside.

Why this happened ? Why is your website missing from search engines? Or maybe placed in the back position?

That's because google does not want a relevant website to get a bad position, google gives a best position only on the relevant website.

This is legitimate and inviolable. Whatever your business will not give a plus if the way you do is stupid (Spam)

Even to this day many perpetrators of Seo Service abandoning the prospective customers that "Your website needs a backlink" And when they do it the result is shambles.

Why ? Because they do not give priority to relevance, they actually do spam.

Remember this .... That Google is against spammers! How google works now is to help people find the answers they're looking for, Google helps people find solutions to their problems, and if you have it then google will help your website as a legitimate site and will be rewarded with traffic from Sufficient search.

You need to know that Google works constantly to improve its search engine, which is why algorithm updates often occur. No other and no less just put the user's comfort.

If you already understand, then the best step is to first provide what humans need. Not what search engines need.

Google is the fastest, smartest, smartest, most sophisticated search engine in the world, and it can not be fooled with spam. Whatever the type ....
Do not do spam or website will hated by google

Google Works Hard To Fight Spammers

Google works by approaching each site with data-driven analysis. Because it's so important that google employs an analytics, researcher to a statistician to easily evaluate the full search results (Maximum)

So, do not be surprised when you hear there is a Google algorithm update. Google aims to make users more satisfied using their seacrh engine.

From here google assumes that the spammers should be in law because it does not give a plus value, the value is relevant because it tries to manipulate google.

And established an algorithm that is more accurate to detect spam. If found, google will remove it automatically.

There are already many websites (Cases like this) Missing from the search results because the website is in law by google.

But google also will not do that directly if your activities can still be reprimanded. That's why you get the "Manual Action" warning on webmaster tools, google's goal to fix the error.

For example, remove spam actions you've done manually. Or actions performed seo services you have ever used.


Some will say hard, but for those who already understand this is very easy.

Then Spam Actions Like What Can Be Hated By Google ??

Actually the action of spam according to google rules very many types. So pay attention and read to the end of this article because the cause of your website missing from the search results could be because you've done one of the things below.

1) Backlink Spam

Google will treat spam if you favor links only. This type of spam is usually found on forum pages, on guestbook pages, or in user profiles by commenting and embedding links to your website without any added value to your comments.

Therefore, Google applies the rules and notifies you to take manual action on your site.

Can check on webmastertools ...

2) Unnatural Link Towards Your Site

If google know then your website will be punished. This kind of activity happens when you try to deliberately build many blogs / web then deliberately pass the link to the main site.

Or by deliberately buying backlinks to the backlink provider but have no added value.

It is considered as a way to manipulate pagerank, and google hates things like this.

3) Content Can Also Be Considered As Spam

Content that is not qualified, has no added value then google will regard it as a low-quality and banal page because it has no informative value.

This type of content is like content with images, little text, and videos.

Not complete then in post continuously.

4) Keyword Spam

You may not be aware of this that incorrect use of keywords will also be considered spam.

This means Google considers that your page is using seo techniques outside Google's webmaster guidelines.

This technique will be considered spam because using keywords aggressively for example, on the content of your content does not have an informative value, just casual as constantly repeat keywords that ultimately add value to your content becomes non-existent.

As a result, Google applies this action that you act as a spam action and is notified as a "manual action" to the affected parts of the site and can be found in webmaster tools.

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